Bugs, Bugs, Pumpkin Bugs

It was a cold and damp autumn day in the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Fairy was very worried because cold and damp days could signal a disaster for the pumpkin patch. It could very well mean the end of the pumpkin patch.

Cold and damp weather could mean that pumpkin bugs could eat all the pumpkins. Pumpkin bugs are large and squishy bugs. What they do is they attach themselves to the outside of a pumpkin and they eat through the pumpkin from the outside in. Once they start eating, they don’t stop until the only thing left on the pumpkin is the stem and a big pile of pumpkin seeds.

“What are you doing?” asked Pumpkin Prince, seeing Pumpkin Fairy go from one pumpkin to another.

“I am checking for bugs, bugs, pumpkin bugs,” said Pumpkin Fairy, with a strange glow in her eyes.

“Let me help you,” said Pumpkin Prince.

“We must act quick,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “One single pumpkin bug will destroy our entire pumpkin patch.”

“Why the sudden need to check for these pumpkin bugs?” asked Pumpkin Prince.

“The cold and damp weather are the perfect breeding conditions for them,” said Pumpkin Fairy.

Pumpkin Fairy and Pumpkin Prince looked at every single pumpkin. Not a single bug was found. Pumpkin Fairy was very relieved.

“Now,” said Pumpkin Prince. “Let’s go inside. We have been out here for hours.”

“You go ahead,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “I am going to stay with the pumpkins overnight. I cannot take any chances.”

Try as he might, Pumpkin Prince could not persuade Pumpkin Fairy to leave. He brought her dinner to her and a nice warm blanket.

The next morning, it was bright and sunny. Pumpkin Fairy was so happy. There were no pumpkin bugs and because of the warm weather that morning, there wouldn’t be any.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to prepare for a potential disaster.
  • Example: Pumpkin Fairy knew cold and damp weather meant pumpkin bugs could eat her pumpkins so she checked all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch for them.

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