Neon Cop Finds a Buried Treasure

“It seems we are having a huge problem with counterfeit money,” said Chief Lewis. “I want you all to be aware of it.”

“Yes sir,” said Neon Cop. “I haven’t seen any as of yet.”

“Keep looking,” said Chief Lewis.

The Neon Cop went outside. He saw that there was a foot of snow on the walkway of the police station. He was bored so he decided he would shovel it.

“Neon Cop,” called Chief Lewis, when he looked out his office window. “What are you doing?”

“I am shoveling the walkway,” said Neon Cop.

“You just look funny shoveling snow in your fluorescent shorts,” laughed Chief Lewis.

“Well,” said Neon Cop. “I am the Neon Cop.”

“Yes you are,” said Chief Lewis.

Neon Cop continued shoveling. He stopped and bent over the snowbank.

“Did you find something?” asked Chief Lewis. “It looks like you have found a treasure buried in the snowbank.”

“As a matter of fact I did,” said Neon Cop.

“What is it?” asked Chief Lewis.

Neon Cop pulled a garbage bag out of the snow bank. He ripped the bag open and inside of it was a ton of cash. Neon Cop took a good look at the cash and he laughed.

“Looks like the issue with counterfeit money is solved,” said Neon Cop.

Neon Cop took the bag into Chief Lewis’ office.

“I guess the culprit has given up on counterfeiting,” said Chief Lewis. “It is good that it is off the street.”

“Yes,” agreed Neon Cop, heading back outside. “Now, I have lots of time to shovel the walkway?”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good deed to shovel the walkway.
  • Example: Neon Cop shoveled the walkway at the police station and he found a bag of counterfeit money.


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