The Adventure of Billy Troll

It was a hot summer day in Troll Town. Billy Troll was sitting In the kitchen of his house sipping a glass of lemonade with his guitar by his side.

“I sure wish I had someone to sing my songs to today,” Billy said to himself. “It gets pretty lonely singing to myself all the time.”

Meanwhile, on the outskirts at Troll Town, Ricky, a nine year old boy, was walking along the dirt road that led to his home. He started to hum a little tune. Ricky was walking along humming to himself, when he heard a strange sound.

“I’d almost say that someone was playing a guitar,” said Ricky to himself.

Ricky searched high and low to find out where the sound came from. He looked up Into the trees. There was no sound coming from there, He looked up Into the sky. There was no sound coming from there. He knelt down and put his ear to the ground.

“There is someone playing a guitar,” said Ricky. “I can hear It really clearly, now.”

Suddenly the guitar playing stopped. “Oh!” exclaimed Ricky angrily. “What happened?”

“Hey!” a tiny voice shouted. “What happened to that humming? That sounded pretty neat.”

Ricky couldn’t figure out where the voice was coming from.

“Where are you?” asked Ricky.

Billy saw Ricky’s hand In the grass, not far from where he stood, in the front door of his house. He went over and stood on it.

“What!” exclaimed Ricky, as he brought his hand up to his face and looked at Billy. “Who are you and what arc you?”

“My name Is Billy Troll,” said Billy. “I’m a troll.”

“A what!” exclaimed Ricky.

“A troll,” said Billy. “You know, like those little dolls you see In the stores with the brightly coloured hair.”

“Yeah but those aren’t real trolls,” said Ricky.

“Well,” said Billy. “The trolls you get in the stores aren’t real. They’re made of plastic. Only the trolls that live in Troll Town are real.”

“Oh,” said Ricky.

“What’s your name?” asked Billy.

“I’m Ricky,” Ricky said.

“Well, Ricky,” said Billy. “I really liked that tune that you were humming earlier.”

“You did!” said Ricky. “I really liked your guitar playing. That was the meanest guitar playing I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

“Hey,” said Billy. “I’ve got an Idea. Why don’t you sing your song and I’ll play my guitar.”

“Sure,” said Ricky.

And so, Ricky and Billy became the best of friends. They got together often to sing songs and play the guitar. They had a lot of fun together.

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