Meet Baby Face Monster

Baby Face Monster is a character I created in August 2016. I created him as a part of my Halloween and Monster Story Challenge 2016. Baby Face technically isn’t a monster but I call him one anyway. The reason I classified him a monster is because he is special or different than my other characters.

The only reason he is a monster is because he has a baby face. No matter how old Baby Face is, his face will never age.

To most of us, this would be considered a good thing but, to Baby Face, it was humiliating. Once he was old enough to fend for himself, Baby Face found a remote cave to live in. He lives in that cave in Northern Ontario all by himself.

One day a researcher came across Baby Face. She was not only researching Baby Face but also searching for her father who disappeared a few years back. It turns out that her father had also been researching Baby Face a few years back.

Ellie, the researcher, and Baby Face find her fathers remains. They become very good friends. Baby Face actually ends up falling in love with Ellie. Ellie has strong feelings for him as well.


Fact Card for Baby Face Monster:

  • Date Created: August 17, 2016
  • City of Residence: Sudbury, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Sea Monster
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Shy and Handsome
  • Favourite Quote: “I love the water!”

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