Meet Prairie Kid

Welcome to the Meet Prairie Kid page. Traveling throughout western Canada several times in my life has always intrigued me. The prairies are to some people flat and boring but to me they are fascinating.

It is the fascination of the prairies that made me create my Prairie Kid character.

Prairie Kid is the youngest member of the Canadian family group of characters. He lives on a thousand acre ranch outside of Calgary. He has 200 head of cattle.

Prairie Kid is devoted to his ranch and his cattle. He spends from sun up to sun down each day, no matter what the weather, working hard to make his ranch a success.

Prairie Kid doesn’t have much of a social life because of the long hours he puts in at the ranch. He is very shy. He prefers to be alone but if a neighbour needs help, he is right there to help out.


Fact Card for Prairie Kid:

  • Date Created: February 14, 2005
  • City of Residence: Calgary, Alberta
  • Type of Character: Rancher
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Very Shy, Loyal and Dedicated
  • Favourite Quote: “I’m too busy on the ranch!”

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