Easter Bunny and the Garbage Can

It was a bright, sunny Easter morning. The Easter Bunny had just finished delivering all the Easter gifts to all the good little boys and girls around the world. He did, however, have one gift leftover. It was for Patrick Bunny.

The Easter Bunny had visited Patrick’s house early that morning but Patrick was not at home.

“I wonder where Patrick could be,” said the Easter Bunny. “I still have his Easter gift in my basket. I do hope I find him soon.”

The Easter Bunny was walking along the bunny trail when he noticed a tall green garbage can sitting in the middle of the trail.

“That is strange,” thought the Easter Bunny. “What is a garbage can doing in the middle of the trail?”

“Hello,” the Easter Bunny heard. “Who is there?”

The Easter Bunny looked all over. He didn’t see anyone around him.

“Who are you?” asked the Easter Bunny. “And, more importantly, where are you?”

“I’m in the garbage can,” said the same voice. “I am looking for my Easter gift.”

“I see,” said the Easter Bunny, very confused. “I am the Easter Bunny. I don’t give gifts to garbage cans.”

“I’m not the garbage can,” said the voice. “I am in the garbage can. It is me, Patrick Bunny.”

“Patrick!” exclaimed the Easter Bunny, taking the lid off and seeing Patrick at the bottom of the garbage can. “I have been looking all over for you. Your Easter gift is the only one I have left.”

“Thank you,” said Patrick Bunny. “I woke up very early this morning and my Easter gift wasn’t here so, I went looking for it. I searched everywhere for it and when I couldn’t find it, I saw the garbage can and thought it might be there so I looked into it but I ended up falling into it.”

“I see,” said the Easter Bunny. “You needed to have a little bit of patience. By the time I got to your house this morning, you had already left.”

“Yes,” said Patrick. “I do agree. I should have waited a little while longer.”

“Anyway,” said the Easter Bunny, eager to get home so he could have a well-deserved nap. “Happy Easter Patrick!”

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said Patrick, waving goodbye to the Easter Bunny.


Moral of this Story:

  • Learn to have some patience.
  • Example: Patrick left his house too soon on Easter morning.
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