Pounce was a pure white kitten. She loved to pounce on everything or anyone that walked by her. A slight movement and Pounce would jump out from one of her favourite hiding spots: in the corner of the room, under the table or under her favourite place, the kitchen chair. She would crouch down and wait. As soon as Pounce saw movement of any kind, she would pounce.

Five year old Tanya, had just come home on the school bus, from her long, full day at Senior Kindergarten. She dragged her lunch box and her back-pack up the stairs and waited while her older brother, Jessie, opened the front door for her.

As soon as Pounce heard the thump, thump, thump of Tanya’s lunch bag and back-pack on the stairs, she was ready for action.

Jessie, knowing that Pounce was on the other side of the door, let Tanya come in the door first. Tanya walked into the house, put her things down and went over to the hall closet to put her coat and boots away. She had no sooner opened the closet door, when Pounce!

“Pounce!” Tanya screamed. “How dare you do that to me?”

But, Pounce was not listening. She was preparing for her next victim. She knew that Jessie would be heading over to the fridge to get a snack. She was waiting for him under the kitchen chair.

Sure enough, Jessie came around the corner, heading for the fridge.


“Pounce!” Jessie yelled. “You almost made me drop this cake all over the floor!”

“Jessie!” Mother yelled up from the basement, where she had been doing the laundry. “Stay out of that cake. That is for Tanya’s birthday tonight.”

“Thanks a lot Pounce!” exclaimed Jessie. “I could have eaten the whole cake before Mother found out.”

Pounce wasn’t listening. She heard Mother coming up the stairs. She ran for cover, under the kitchen chair.

The basement door opened and then, POUNCE!

“Pounce!” Mother cried. “I could have dropped this basket of clothes all over the floor!”

But, as usual, Pounce wasn’t listening. She was down the basement stairs in a flash. She had just heard a car pull into the driveway. It was Father. Pounce hid under the basement stairs.

The basement door opened and POUNCE!

“Oh Pounce!” Father snapped. “You are going to be sorry for pouncing on me!”

Father took a wriggly bundle of fur from his pocket and set it down on the basement floor. He could see Pounce out of the corner of his eye. She was back under the basement stairs.

No sooner was the puppy on the floor then, POUNCE!

Pounce scared the puppy so much with her pounce, the puppy let out a long shrieking howl. The howl of the puppy brought everyone from upstairs down to the basement.

“A puppy!” Tanya announced with joy.

“Happy Birthday!” everyone sang to her.

“Meow!” Pounce cried from under the stairs.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always watch out for a cat that pounces.
  • Example: Pounce the kitten, loved to pounce on everything and anything.

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