Grampy’s Little Green Car on Valentine’s Day

About a week before Valentine’s Day, Grampy was in the garage polishing his little green car so that it shone. Grampy spent a lot of time with the little green car. He loved his little green car very much.

“Valentine’s Day is coming up soon,” said Grampy to himself, as he shined the tires on the little green car. “I should take my wife on a date this Valentine’s Day. I should go out for dinner and then go dancing.”

Grampy went into the house to find his wife and tell her his plans.

“I would love to go on a date with you on Valentine’s Day,” said MaryAnne, Grampy’s wife.

Valentine’s Day rolled around. Grampy got all dressed up in a suit and tie and he looked quite handsome.

“You look very handsome,” said MaryAnne.

“Thank you,” said Grampy. “You look very pretty as well.”

“What car are we taking?” asked MaryAnne. “Or should I ask?”

“We are taking the little green car,” said Grampy.

“I hope it doesn’t break down again,” said MaryAnne, who was not a fan of Grampy’s Little Green Car.

“It shouldn’t break down,” said Grampy, crossing his fingers. “I have made sure there is lots of gas in it, the tires all have proper air pressure in it, the oil has been changed.”

“Okay,” said MaryAnne, still skeptical.

MaryAnne and Grampy had a wonderful night together.

“Let’s take the little green car and go for a drive,” said Grampy, not wanting the night to end yet.

“Okay,” said MaryAnne.

Grampy drove around town and then all of a sudden the little green car started to sputter.

“It sounds like we are almost out of gas,” said MaryAnne, angrily. “I thought you said you put gas in it.”

“I did,” said Grampy. “Yesterday. But don’t worry, I have a gas can in the back.”

“You are lucky,” said MaryAnne, not impressed.

Grampy got out of the little green car and pretended to pour gas into it. He then petted the little green car on the fender before getting back in.

When Grampy got into the little green car, he pulled a little velvet box out of his jacket pocket.

“Oh my!” exclaimed MaryAnne. “You are so sweet!”

Grampy helped put the solid gold necklace around MaryAnne’s neck and then he gave her a kiss.

“Do you know where we are?” asked Grampy.

MaryAnne looked around and she saw that they had run out of gas in front of the old restaurant where they used to hang out before they were married.

“You didn’t really run out of gas did you?” asked MaryAnne.

“No,” said Grampy.

“You are so sweet!” exclaimed MaryAnne. “It is no wonder I fell in love with you, little green car and all.”

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