The Pea Pods

“What is that noise?” asked Farmer Ted, pulling his tractor into the yard.

“What noise?” asked his helper, Tom.

“Waaaaah!” they both heard.

“That noise,” said Farmer Ted.

“It is coming from that basket of peas in the back of the tractor,” said Tom.

Farmer Ted and Tom went to the back of the tractor and they both were shocked at what they saw. They saw a pea pod full of little peas and these peas weren’t just ordinary little peas, they were real talking peas.

“Hey Baby Pea Pod,” they heard. “Move your head a little to the other side. I don’t want to step on you.”

“Sister Pea Pod,” said Father Pea Pod. “Leave your baby brother alone.”

“Yes Father,” said Sister Pea Pod.

“Now mind your brother,” said Mother Pea Pod.

Farmer Ted and Tom stood staring at the Pea Pod family for the longest time. They couldn’t believe what they had found.

“And they argue with each other just like real children,” said Tom.

“That is because they are real children,” said Farmer Ted, picking up the pea pod and carefully putting it into his shirt pocket.

“Okay,” said Tom, following Farmer Ted back into the tractor.

That evening Farmer Ted and Tom went into the farm house after all their work was finished for the day and Farmer Ted’s wife, Sue, had a beautiful meal cooked for them.

“Peas,” said Farmer Ted, noticing the vegetables that she put on his plate. “Oh I can’t eat these.”

“But you love peas,” said Sue, confused.

“Yes,” said Farmer Ted. “I do love peas however, we cannot eat them anymore.”

Farmer Ted stood up from the table and took the Pea Pods from his shirt pocket and set them carefully in front of Sue.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sue, when she saw them. “They are so adorable. Oh, and look, there is even a baby pea pod!”

Farmer Ted and Sue adopted the Pea Pods as they have never had children of their own. They decided that from that day forth, they would never eat peas ever again. However, they did continue to eat other vegetables, just not peas.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be with people you love.
  • Example: Farmer Ted and Sue took in the Pea Pod family and raised them as their own.

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