“I’m going for a walk,” said Fawn to Spot. “Do you want to come with me?”

”No,” said Spot. “I will stay here. I’m going to clean up the barn today.”

”Okay,” said Fawn. ”I’ll see you later.”

Fawn started walking up the road. There was no traffic, so it was nice and peaceful. Just up the road a little way, Fawn saw some beautiful wild flowers in a field.

”I’m going to pick some for Spot,” said Fawn, to himself. ”She would love them very much.”

Fawn started to pick some flowers when he noticed a bright orange flower way at the back of the field.

”I bet Spot would like that flower,” said Fawn.

Fawn went over to where the flower was. Just as he picked it, a bee stung him right on the end of his nose.

”Ouch!” screamed Fawn in pain. “That hurt!”

Fawn ran away from that field as fast as he could go. He stopped a few minutes later.

”Now,” said Fawn, thinking aloud. “Which way do I go from here?”

Fawn was lost. He got turned around in the field and didn’t know which way to go.

”Now what am I going to do?” asked Fawn to himself. ”I’m lost!”

Fawn sat down by the side of the road and started to cry. Just then a pickup truck pulled up beside him.

”Oh look,” said a familiar voice from the back of the truck. “There he is!”

”Spot!” exclaimed Fawn. ”I’m so glad to see you.”

”Are you alright?” asked Mr. Hansen, getting out of the truck.

”Yes,” said Fawn.

”We heard a terrible scream,” said Spot. ”We thought you were in some kind of trouble.”

”I was,” said Fawn. ”I got stung by a bee while I was trying to pick you some flowers, Spot.”

”You poor thing,” said Spot.

”Then I got lost,” said Fawn.

“Oh Fawn,” said Spot. “Come on let’s go home now.”

Fawn and Spot saw a bright orange flower growing by the side of the road.

“That’s the kind of flower I was trying to pick for you,” said Fawn.

”That’s pretty,” said Spot.

”If you don’t mind,” laughed Fawn. ”I don’t think I will pick it though.”

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