Sticks and Stones

“Billy,” said Dianne Troll, angrily, coming into the kitchen, with the Troll Town newspaper in her hand. ”Do you know what Mick Troll has done this time?”

”What?” asked Billy Troll. ”What could Mick Troll possibly do to get you so upset?”

”He took out a full page ad in this week’s paper,” said Dianne. ”Here, read it.”

”Sticks and stones will break my bones,” read Billy. ”But Billy Troll will never hurt us.”

”That’s no big deal,” said Billy. “He’s just sore about losing the Troll Town Music Award, last night.”

”What are you going to do about this?” asked Dianne, waving her hand over the newspaper article.

”You’ll see,” said Billy. ”Wait until Troll Town’s End of Summer Concert!”

Billy spent the next few weeks writing new material for the upcoming concert.

”But Billy,” cried Dianne, when Billy wouldn’t let her listen in on his practice session. “I’m your wife!”

“Dianne the concert is only one more day away,” said Billy.

”Oh alright,” said Dianne. ”I’ll wait.”

”Thank you,” sweetheart,” said Billy, kissing Dianne on the cheek.

It was time for the concert to begin. The Troll Town Stadium was packed.

Mick Troll and the Jagged Trolls came on stage first.

”Boo,” screamed the crowd. “We want Billy! We want Billy!

Finally, it was Billy’s turn. The crowd was hysterical by this time.

”Sticks and stones,” sang Billy. “Sticks and stones will break your bones but the Jagged Trolls can’t hurt me.”

The crowd roared with delight.

”Full page ads full of threats ,” continued Billy. ”Will never, ever hurt me!”

”Hey man,” Mick Troll said to Billy, after the concert was over. I’m really sorry for what we did. I don’t know what came over me.”

”No problem,” said Billy, shaking Mick’s hand.

”Oh Billy,” said Dianne, on the way home that night. ”You were great!”

”Why thank you!” exclaimed Billy.

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