Sock Swamp Dance

“Mommy!” exclaimed six year old Jamie. “Where are my socks?”

“They’re in your top drawer,” said Mommy.

“I don’t think so,” said Jamie. “I just looked.”

Mommy wiped her hands on her apron and walked down the hall to Jamie’s bedroom.

“Why they are right here!” exclaimed Mommy, opening up Jamie’s top dresser drawer. “Well, at least they were yesterday. Now, that is funny! I just did the laundry yesterday and I know that I put at least five pairs of socks in your drawer.”

“Maybe Steven has them,” said Jamie. “Sometimes he comes into my room and takes my toys. Maybe he took my socks.”

“Now Jamie,” said Mommy, sternly. “I don’t think that Steven would take your socks. You know how your brother is when it comes to girl’s clothes. He would never take your socks.”

“Maybe not, but if he didn’t take them, then who did?” asked Jamie.

“I really don’t know,” said Mommy.

Just then, Jamie and Mommy heard a loud banging sound. It was coming from outside Jamie’s window.

“What’s that noise?” asked Jamie. “It sounds like drums or something.”

“Yes it does,” said Mother. “It sounds like it’s coming from down at the swamp.”

Mommy and Jamie went down to the swamp to see what was going on. The closer they got, the louder the noise became.

“It is drums!” exclaimed Jamie. “Someone is having a party down at our swamp.”

“It sure sounds like it, doesn’t it,” said Mommy. “I think that you should go back up to the house and get Steven or your Dad.”

“But, I’m too scared,” said Jamie. “I don’t want to leave you all by yourself down here.”

“Oh alright,” said Mommy. “Just remember one thing, if we run into any kind of trouble down there, I want you to run for the house as fast as you can. Can you do that for Mommy?”

“Yes Mommy,” said Jamie. “I promise.”

Well, when Mommy and Jamie finally reached the swamp, they found out that there was definitely a party going on. However, they weren’t prepared when they found out who or what was hosting the party.

“Welcome to “THE SOCK SWAMP DANCE”, Jamie and Mommy heard someone say in front of them.

“Mommy, what is “The Sock Swamp Dance?” asked Jamie.

“I don’t know,” Mommy was about to say, when she found out for herself just what “The Sock Swamp Dance” was.

“Look, Mommy,” said Jamie, pointing to bright purple object dancing on top of the mud. “That’s my favourite sock!”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy. “There’s my sock that went missing a few days ago, too.”

“Well, I always wondered what happened to my socks when they went missing,” said Jamie. “I guess we know now, don’t we Mommy?”

“Yes, Jamie, we do, don’t we,” said Mommy, who happened to be knee deep in the mud doing to Sock Swamp Dance with all the socks in the swamp.

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