Misplaced Fortune

Mr. Leprechaun was outside walking in the forest. It was a rather warm day, considering it was the middle of March.

“Look!” Mr. Leprechaun heard from behind him. “I think that is a leprechaun.”

There, in the forest, was a pretty little girl holding onto her mother’s hand. Mr. Leprechaun figured that they must be out enjoying the nice weather.

“It is a leprechaun,” said the mother, after taking a real good look at the little man with the green coat and dark green top-hat.

“I read somewhere that if you see a leprechaun,” said the little girl. “He will give you a pot of gold.”

“Well Darla,” said Mother. “Let’s find out.”

Mother went over to where Mr. Leprechaun was standing. Mr. Leprechaun knew instinctively what the girl’s mother wanted. Mr. Leprechaun reached behind him to get the pot of gold but it wasn’t there.”

“Where’s our pot of gold?” asked Mother.

“I, I,” stuttered Mr. Leprechaun.

“Come on,” said Darla. “If you are a real leprechaun, I know you are supposed to have a pot of gold.”

“Okay,” said Mr. Leprechaun still searching for his pot of gold but getting agitated because he could not find it. “I will let you have your pot of gold but first, I have to find it.”

“How could you lose your pot of gold?” asked Darla, with her hands on her hips. “I really don’t think you are a real leprechaun.”

“I am a real leprechaun,” said Mr. Leprechaun. “As real as leprechauns get.”

“Well,” said Mother, getting a little bit impatient now. “Prove it. Prove to us that you are a real leprechaun.”

Mr. Leprechaun was very upset. He didn’t want anyone to think he wasn’t a real leprechaun. He was also upset because he knew he brought his pot of gold with him this morning, at least he was very sure that he did.

“Okay,” said Mr. Leprechaun. “I will prove to you that I am a real leprechaun. I will meet you here in one hour with your pot of gold.”

“One hour,” agreed both Mother and Darla.

Mr. leprechaun traced through the steps he had taken that morning when he first got up. He remembered getting up out of bed and getting dressed. He remembered having a problem deciding what hat he was going to wear. He was going to wear his taller hat but he decided to wear his shorter one instead. Mr. Leprechaun ran all the way to his home. He went into his bedroom and looked under his taller hat that he had sat on his bed that morning and sure enough he saw his pot of gold.

Mr. Leprechaun was so happy that he found his pot of gold. He ran back to the forest and met with Mother and Darla.

“Oh we don’t want the pot of gold,” said Mother, when Mr. Leprechaun handed the pot of gold to her.

“You don’t,” said Mr. Leprechaun, confused.

“No,” said Darla. “We just wanted to make sure you were a real leprechaun.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to make sure you are speaking with a real leprechaun.
  • Example: Mother and Darla asked the leprechaun for some gold just to make sure they were speaking with a real leprechaun.
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