March Break

“Oh!” exclaimed Fawn. “I can’t wait until March Break.”

“Why?” asked Spot. “What is so special about March Break. We don’t go to school so March Break is just another week for us.”

“Not this March Break,” said Fawn. “I overheard Mr. and Mrs. Hansen saying that they are going to go skiing. ”

“Really,” said Spot. “That is exciting but what does that have to do
with us.”

“Mrs. Hansen was saying that she wanted to take us too,” said Fawn all excited like.

“Where are we going skiing?” asked Spot.

“They are going to go to Whistler,” said Fawn.

“Whistler!” exclaimed Spot, now getting very excited. “This is going to best March Break ever!”

“Told you so,” said Fawn.

Fawn and Spot were all packed and ready to go to Whistler when Mr. and Mrs. Hansen came to get them bright and early.

“Wait,” said Fawn, as Mr. Hansen pulled out of the driveway. “I forgot to bring my lucky sweater with me. I can’t go without it.”

“It’s okay,” said Spot. “I packed it for you.”

“Oh good,” said Fawn.

“Whistler,” said Mr. Hansen. “Here we come!”

Fawn and Spot enjoyed the drive to Whistler. The scenery was awesome to see and the wildlife was so cool. They also enjoyed singing songs with Mrs. Hansen. They were enjoying this trip very much. The Hansen’s arrived in Whistler around dinner time.

“Where’s my favourite sweater,” asked Fawn, once he and Spot were shown to their room.

“It is right here,” said Spot, pulling a red wool sweater out of the suitcase and handing it to Fawn.

“That isn’t my lucky sweater,” said Fawn.

“Yes it is,” said Spot, a little confused.

“No it isn’t,” said Fawn. “I mean it was my lucky sweater until Mrs. Hansen made me that nice blue sweater. The blue sweater is my lucky sweater now.”

“I’m sorry,” said Spot. “You should have told me that you changed lucky sweater.”

“It is okay,” said Fawn. “I can wear the red sweater Instead.”

“Okay,” said Spot. “That’s good.”

Fawn put the red sweater on and was already to go for dinner when Mrs. Hansen came to get them.

“Fawn,” said Spot, as she almost slipped on some ice on the sidewalk. “Be careful. The sidewalk…”

It was too late. Fawn tripped on the slippery sidewalk. Spot heard his ankle bone crack. Fawn tried to stand up but the pain was just too much for him.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Spot. “‘I think Fawn has broken his ankle.”

The Hansen’s took Fawn to the veterinarian clinic.

“I’m afraid his ankle is broken,” said the vet. “I’m going to have to put a cast on it. ”

“It looks like that red sweater isn’t working for him,” said Spot.

“No,” said Mrs. Hansen. “Definitely not.”

When the Hansen’s had Fawn all settled into his bed in the motel room, they discussed whether or not to cancel their vacation and go home.

“I don’t think you need to cancel this trip just because I broke my ankle,” said Fawn. “I’m quite comfortable here and I would just have to stay in bed at home so what is the difference.”

“True,” said Mrs. Hansen. “Okay then we’ll stay.”

Fawn was actually enjoying himself very much. He couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. He was able to get lots of rest and he had a wonderful view of the mountains from the motel. The best part of this vacation was the fact that everyone, even the staff at the motel, catered to Fawn’s every wish and command.

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