Something Different

“Lets do something different for March Break this year,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“But what could we do? “asked Poor Mountain Mother. “We don’t have much money.”

“Now that is not true,” said Poor Mountain Father, grinning from ear to ear.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Something is up with you.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Poor Mountain Father, pulling out his wallet and showing Poor Mountain Mother a wad of $50 dollar bills.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, excitedly. “There has to be about a thousand dollars there. Did you rob a bank?”

“No,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I did not rob any bank.”

“Thank goodness for that, ” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Then where did all that money come from.”

“You know all those old wrecks out behind the barn,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Well, some guy
from the city came along and bought them. He is going to fix them up.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother. “He is going to have a lot of work on his hands.”

“Definitely, “said Poor Mountain Father. ‘Now getting back to March Book, What would you like to do?”

“Shouldn’t we pay the bills,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“I already did,” said Poor Mountain Father. “This is what is left over.”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “In that case, why don ‘t we go to the coast. We haven’t been to the coast in awhile.”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” said Poor Mountain Father. “To the coast we go.”

The Poor Mountain children were very excited about going to the coast.

“I want to collect seashells,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“I want to see a whale,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

March Break came and the children were all packed and ready to go. They had a lot of fun at the coast. They walked the boardwalk and Poor Mountain Sister was able to get lots of sea shells. Poor Mountain Brother thought he said a whale but it turned out to be a small fishing boat.

Near the end of March Break, Poor Mountain Father had big surprise for his family. He took them all fishing on a chartered fishing boat. They never caught any fish but the whole family enjoyed being out on the ocean for a few hours.

“That was the best-March Break, ever,” said Poor Mountain Sister the night they returned home from their vacation.

“It certainly was,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Can we do something like that next year?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Sure we can,” said Poor Mountain Father with a grin on his face. “But first we’ll have to find another barn with old cars in it.”

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