Say No to Drugs

Billy Troll had just finished performing his concert in Troll Town. The concert was a huge success. There was a lot of people there and Billy was quite happy with himself.

“Hey man,” Billy heard someone say behind him.

“Yes,” said Billy, turning around. “What can I do for you?”

“Do you want to buy some drugs?” the man asked.

Billy turned and faced the man, putting his face inches away from the man’s face.

“Now,” said Billy, angrily. “Tell me again what you want.”

“Nothing,” said the man, leaving the concert hall.

Billy had to hurry because his limousine was waiting for him. He was on his way to the airport to perform his next concert. Billy got into the limonene and the driver was just pulling out onto the main street when Billy noticed a young girl talking to that man that tried to sell him some drugs.

“Pull over!” exclaimed Billy to his driver.

“But sir,” said the driver. “You are going to be late.”

“I don’t care,” said Billy, getting out of the limo as soon as it came to a stop.

Billy had to dodge traffic as he ran over to where the young girl and the man were standing.

“Well if it isn’t Billy Troll, the rock superstar,” said the man. “So have you changed your mind. Are you going to buy some drugs?”

“I will never buy drugs,” said Billy, angrily.

“Okay man chill,” said the man. “Well if you aren’t going to buy anything then go away so I can go on with my business with someone that will.”

The man pointed to the young girl who was standing there with some cash in her hand.

“How old are you? “Billy asked the girl.

“15,” said the girl.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Billy. “You are way too young to be buying drugs.”

”It isn’t really any of your business,” said the man.

“Go get into my limo,” Billy told the girl. “Tell my driver to call the cops.”

“But if you call the cops then I am going to get into trouble,” the young girl cried.

“You won’t get into any trouble,” said Billy. “You didn’t actually buy anything yet so the cops can’t do anything.”

The young girl went to the limo. The man tried to run away from Billy but Billy got a hold of him before he could go anywhere. The police came shortly after that and Billy explained to them what had taken place.

“Thank you,” said the officer, taking the man into custody. “We’ve been after this guy for quite sometime now.

Billy told the officer that he would see to it that the young girl got home safety.

“Sir,” said the limo driver. “You will never make your flight.”

“Just book me for the next flight out,” said Billy. “This is more important.”

Billy had a long talk with Sarah, the 15 year old girl, about the effects of drugs and the harm they can cause.

“Okay,” said Sarah, “I understand all of that but you shouldn’t preach to me about doing drugs when you do them yourself.”

“You are dead wrong on that one,” said Billy. “I have never done drugs.”

“But you are a rock star,” said Sarah. “All rock stars do drugs.”

“No,” said Billy. “Only the stupid ones do.”

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