March Break

“Mommy, I’m bored!” cried three year old, Jimmy. “I don’t have anything to do!”

“Don’t worry, Jimmy,” said Mommy. “Sarah and Billy will be home all next week for March Break. You will be so busy with them that you will be wishing that they would hurry up and go back to school.”

“Oh goodie,” said Jimmy. “I can’t wait to play with Sarah and Billy. I hardly ever get to see them anymore!”

“Mom! Mom!” exclaimed Sarah, coming home from school. “I’ve got some good news for you. Janie asked me if I could go away with her and her family over March Break. Can I go?”

“Oh Sarah!” exclaimed Jimmy. “I wanted to play with you on March Break!”

“I’m sorry Jimmy,” said Sarah. “I’ll still be able to play with you for a few days before I go away. I’m not leaving until Monday.”

“So dear,” said Mom. “Where abouts are you going?”

“We are going to Janie’s cottage,” said Sarah. “We are going to go ski-dooing and skating! It is going to be so much fun!”

“I’ll tell you what,” said Mom. “How about you take Jimmy somewhere special on the weekend and then you can go away with Janie?”

“It’s a deal,” said Sarah, giving Mom a hug.

Billy walked into the kitchen.

“What’s going on here?” asked Billy.

“Sarah’s going to go away with Janie’s parents,” said Jimmy.

“She is,” said Billy. “Well that’s funny because I’m going too. Brian asked me if I’d like to go to their cottage on Friday.”

“Friday!” exclaimed Jimmy. “Sarah said that she wasn’t going anywhere until Monday. She made a promise that she would take me somewhere special on the weekend! That’s not fair!”

“What’s going on Billy?” asked Sarah as she watched Jimmy stomp out of the kitchen. “Janie told me that we weren’t leaving until Monday. She said that her Dad had some work to do over the weekend before he could go.”

“Apparently he was able to get out of doing that work because we are leaving tomorrow night,” said Billy.

“Tomorrow night!” exclaimed Sarah. “Oh poor Jimmy. Now I won’t be able to take him anywhere!”

“Hold on,” said Mom. “I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t the two of you take Jimmy out tonight? I hear the circus is in town and as a matter of fact, your aunt has three extra tickets. She asked me this afternoon if I could use them. Let me phone her and ask her if she still has them.”

“Alright!” exclaimed Sarah. “Let’s do that!”

“Good idea,” said Billy. “We should take him out for dinner, too!”

“Yes,” said Mom. “That will do him the world of good.”

Mom phoned Aunt Susan and asked her about the tickets.

“Yes,” said Mom, hanging up the phone. “She still has them. Billy would you like to run over there and pick them up.”

“Sure,” said Billy.

“I’ll go tell Jimmy to get ready,” said Mom.

“No, let me do it,” said Sarah.

Sarah knocked on Jimmy’s door. She could hear him sobbing.

“Jimmy, open the door,” she called gently. “It’s me Sarah.”

“Go away,” said Jimmy. “You’re too busy for me anyway!”

“That’s not true,” said Sarah. “Come on, Jimmy. Billy and I are going to take you out for dinner and also to the circus tonight!”

“You are!” exclaimed Jimmy, happily, opening the door. “Really?”

“Yes, we are!” exclaimed Sarah. “Billy’s gone over to Aunt Susan’s to get the tickets. Now hurry up and get ready!”

Quickly Jimmy wiped the tears from his face. He grabbed his jacket from the foot of his bed.

“I’m ready!” he declared.

“Go get your face washed!” exclaimed Sarah.

Jimmy had so much fun being with his older brother and sister! As a matter of fact, he had so much fun that he fell asleep in the back seat of the car on the way home. Billy carried him into the house and took him upstairs to his room.

“I love you, Billy,” said Jimmy as he woke up long enough to get his pajama’s on.

“I love you too, little tiger,” said Billy.

“I had fun tonight,” said Jimmy.

“Yes, so did we,” said Sarah, standing in Jimmy’s doorway.

“So did we,” Billy repeated.

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