Polka Dots

Sally was sitting in her bedroom wondering what to do. It was a cold winter day so she couldn’t really go outside to play and if she did, she wouldn’t be able to stay outside for very long.

Sally thought about playing with her little brother. However, her little brother was kind of cranky because he was sick. She knew they would just fight and argue.

Sally thought about reading a book but she didn’t have any new books to read. She remembered that her aunt had brought her a couple of books. They were older books but ones that Sally had never read before. Sally went down to the basement and found them. She dug through them and she found one that she thought would be fun to read. It was called Polka Dots.

Sally took the book to her room. She laid down on her bed and started reading the book. She read about pink polka dots and blue polka dots. She also read about big polka dots and small polka dots. Soon, Sally started to fall asleep.

When Sally woke up, she remember the dream that she just had. She dreamt about polka dots being all over the house. She dreamt that her little brother was standing by her bed with little red polka dots all over his face and arms.

Sally rolled over and opened her eyes and their was her little brother standing there watching her. Sally took a closer look at him and all over his face and his arms were little red polka dots.

“Mommy!” screamed Sally at the top of her lungs. “Billy has polka-dots.”

Mommy came running into Sally’s room.

“No sweetie,” said Mommy. “Billy has chicken pox not polka dots.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes dreams do come true.
  • Example: Sally dreamt her brother had red polka dots on him and when she woke up he had chicken pox.

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