A Hillbilly Father’s Day

Hillbilly Bob was in the kitchen. He was helping his mother cook breakfast for Papa for Father’s Day. He saw Papa come out of the bedroom and go outside and sit on the porch. Papa had his Sunday best suit on.

“Why does Papa have his Sunday best suit on?” asked Hillbilly Bob. “I thought we weren’t going to church today.”

“I thought so too,” said Mama. “At least that is what Papa said last night.”

“I should go ask him,” said Hillbilly Bob. “If we are going to church, I need to change. I can’t go to church in my overalls.”

“I can’t go to church in my housecoat,” said Mama.

Hillbilly Bob went outside to talk to his father.

“No,” said Papa. “We aren’t going to church today.”

“Why are you all dressed in your Sunday best?” asked Hillbilly Bob.

“It is Father’s Day,” said Papa. ”I just wanted to look my best for my family.”

“Oh,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Mama and I would like to get dressed up too.”

“Nonsense,” said Papa. “I don’t need the two of you to get all dressed up. I want to enjoy a day with my family the way they are.”

“Okay.” said Hillbilly Bob.

Mama came out to the porch and gave Papa his breakfast. Hillbilly Bob explained to her what Papa had just said. She didn’t quite understand what Papa was wanting, but she was content to stay in her housecoat.

“Happy Father’s Day,” said Mama.

“This is a nice Father’s Day,” said Papa. “I love the two of you more than anything and neither of you need to impress me with fancy clothes.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to just be yourself.
  • Example: Papa didn’t want Hillbilly Bob or Mama to dress up. He wanted to enjoy them the way they are.

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