A Nasty Temper

“Oh the winter festival is this Saturday,” said Mr. Winter, happily. “I think I will go turn up the thermometer on winter and then I will ask Victoria if she will go with me.”

Mr. Winter had been keeping the temperature around zero this winter. He raised it up to plus 10 degrees.

“Thank you, Mr. Winter,” people said to him on his way to Victoria’s house. “It is nice to have some nice warm weather this winter.”

“You are welcome,” said Mr. Winter.

Mr. Winter knocked on Victoria’s front door. He thought of all the fun he and Victoria were going to have at the festival together.

“I am sorry,” said Victoria, after Mr. Winter asked her to go to the winter festival with him. “I have to work on Saturday.”

Mr. Winter could feel the blood inside him boil.

“What do you mean you have to work?” Mr. Winter screamed. “Or, are you just saying that so you don’t have to go to the festival with me?”

Victoria had never seen Mr. Winter so angry. She tried explaining to him that she was asked to work Saturday at the last minute but he didn’t hear anything she said to him.

Mr. Winter stormed off. He immediately went to the thermometer and lowered the temperature.

Saturday came and Victoria felt bad about turning down Mr. Winter. She did her work quickly and was able to leave work early. She surprised Mr. Winter by showing up at the festival.

“I am glad you are here,” said Mr. Winter. “I apologize for my temper the other day. I will go raise the temperature.”

“Why would you raise it?” asked Victoria. “We can’t have warm temperatures for the winter festival. It should be cold and snowy.”

“You are right,” said Mr. Winter, lowering the thermometer. “Cold and snowy it is.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A nasty temper is not a good thing to have.
  • Example: Mr. Winter had a temper tantrum when he found out Victoria had to work on the Saturday of the winter festival.

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