Too Silly for Groundhog Day

“I might skip Groundhog Day this year,” said Silly Groundhog to himself. “Groundhog Day is actually quite silly, when you think about it.”

Silly Groundhog sat in his den on a very cold February 2, which was Groundhog Day. He thought about how warm it was in his den and how he didn’t want to go outside in the cold. Then he started thinking about how silly Groundhog Day was and he started coming up with excuse after excuse as to why Groundhog Day was silly and why he didn’t want to take part in it this year.

“I am nice and warm in my den,” said Silly Groundhog. “It is freezing outside.”

Silly Groundhog thought about how he didn’t want to get his fur all dirty in case it had been raining. He also thought about the crowd of people who would be waiting to see if he would predict an early spring. He thought about how some of those people would get upset if his prediction was not to their liking.

“I don’t want people to be mad at me,” said Silly Groundhog.

Silly Groundhog had convinced himself that that Groundhog Day was the silliest thing ever but then his stomach started to growl.

“Oh dear,” said Silly Groundhog. “All of a sudden I don’t think Groundhog Day is so silly after all. I also hope I don’t see my shadow. I want an early spring to come. I don’t want to wait another six more weeks of winter. I need to eat long before six more weeks have passed.”

Silly Groundhog brushed his teeth and his fur and stepped outside of his den. A crowd of people cheered when they saw him.

“This is very exciting,” said Silly Groundhog, actually enjoying himself. “And, the best part is I didn’t see my shadow so it will be an early spring!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Groundhog Day isn’t silly.
  • Example: Silly Groundhog was thinking Groundhog Day was silly until he remembered that he needed to eat and didn’t want to wait six more weeks for winter to be over.

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