Keep Warm

It was nearing the end of autumn in Kelowna, BC. A. Tree wandered the streets. It was getting quite frosty and A. Tree was worried about the many homeless people he saw each and every day.

“I feel so bad for these people,” said A. Tree to himself. “These people are freezing out here.”

A. Tree thought about what he could do to further help them. He was already supplying apples to them each day.

“These people need more than apples,” said A. Tree. “They need blankets and warm clothes.”

A. Tree had been giving his apples away to whomever he met. He has never asked for anything in return.

“Would you like an apple?” A. Tree asked a man, who looked quite wealthy.

“I would love one,” said the man.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any clean blankets that you aren’t using,” asked A. Tree. “Would you?”

“What would an apple tree need with blankets?” asked the man.

“I want to give them to the homeless people,” said A. Tree.

“You are such a kind and considerate soul,” said the man. “Meet me here tomorrow morning at 9 am and I will see what I can get for you.”

“That would be wonderful,” said A. Tree. “Thank you.”

“My name is George,” said the man.

“I am A. Tree,” said A. Tree. “The A stands for apple.”

A. Tree met George the next morning and he was amazed at what George had been able to gather up. He had blankets, sleeping bags and warm winter coats.

“Thank you so much,” said A. Tree in tears. “You have no idea how much this will be appreciated.”

“Oh,” said George. “I do. I was once homeless too.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help the homeless.
  • Example: A. Tree asked George for help in getting blankets for the homeless. George helped out with lots of blankets, sleeping bags and winter coats. George was once homeless too.

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