Working on Easter

“I saw a man walk through the garden,” Renee Chickadee said to Easter Lily. “He looked sad.”

Easter Lily walked through the garden with Renee flying directly above her. She did not see any sign of the man.

“Do you see him?” asked Easter Lily.

“No,” said Renee. He must have left.”

“Oh dear,” said Easter Lily. “I hope not. We can’t have anyone feeling sad at Easter. Tomorrow is Easter morning. We must find him.”

Each year, Easter Lily came to life just before Easter. Her goal was to make sure that anyone who walked through the garden had a happy Easter.

“We will just have to keep looking,” said Renee.

“Yes,” said Easter Lily. “We will.”

“Oh look,” said Renee, pointing with the tip of her wing to the entrance of the garden. “There is Harold Snake. Maybe he has seen him.”

Easter Lily and Renee went to where Harold was.

“Did you see the sad man that just walked through here?” asked Easter Lily.

“No,” said Harold. “I didn’t. I will stand guard here at the entrance and let you know if I see him.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Easter Lily.

Harold stood guard at the entrance just as he said he would while Easter Lily and Renee kept searching.

About an hour later, Harold saw the man. He found Renee and Easter Lily and told them. Quickly, they went over to where the man was.

“Hi,” said Easter Lily. “I am Easter Lily and these are my friends, Renee Chickadee and Harold Snake.”

“Hi,” said the man, with a hint of sadness in his voice. “My name is Earl.”

“Why are you sad?” asked Easter Lily.

“My family is angry because I have to work tomorrow,” explained Earl. “Tomorrow is Easter.”

“Yes,” said Easter Lily. “It is. What type of work do you do?”

“I clean and maintain the equipment for the city,” said Earl.

“I see,” said Easter Lily. “Does your work have to be done tomorrow or can you do it today?”

“I do suppose I could do it today and get it done,” said Earl smiling.

“Problem solved,” said Easter Lily.

Absolutely,” said Earl, happily heading home to get changed into his work clothes. “Thank you Easter Lily.”

“You are welcome,” said Easter Lily. “Happy Easter!”

“It will be a happy Easter now,” said Earl.


Moral of this Story:

  • See if there is another time you can do something.
  • Example: Earl was able to do his work on that day instead of Easter so that he could make his family happy.


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