Victoria Day Weekend

“Let’s go camping next weekend,” said Billy Troll to his wife, Dianne.

“Isn’t next weekend Victoria Day?” asked Dianne.

Billy walked over to the calendar that was hanging on the wall. Sure enough, that next weekend was the long weekend, Victoria Day weekend.

“Do you have any concerts planned for me that weekend?” Billy asked.

Dianne was Billy’s promoter and sometimes she conveniently forgets to tell him about upcoming concerts because, that way, Billy doesn’t find out until a few days before the concert and then it is too late for him to back out.

“No,” said Dianne. “You have one the weekend after.”

“Awesome,” said Billy. “Then we could go camping.”

“Well,” said Dianne. “We could but it really isn’t a good idea.”

”Why not?” asked Billy.

“May 24 weekend is always cold,” said Dianne.

“Nonsense,” said Billy. “Come on, it will be fun.”

“What about Troll Baby?” asked Dianne.

“We could let Grandma and Grandpa look after him,” said Billy.

“Alright,” said Dianne. “However, be prepared for an I told you so.”

“Okay,” said Billy.

Dianne and Billy packed up their tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear. They left early Friday morning. The sun was coming out and it looked like a promising weekend.

Billy set up the tent at the campsite while Dianne cooked them some lunch.

“Maybe I was wrong about the weather,” said Dianne, actually enjoying herself and enjoying the weather.

“It looks that way,” laughed Billy, hugging his wife.

Once lunch was finished and they had cleaned up the campsite, Billy and Dianne decided to go for a walk. About halfway through their walk, they noticed a big dark cloud move in over top of them. Billy and Dianne ran back to the campsite as fast as they could. By the time they were reached their tent, they were soaked.

The rain continued well into late evening. Both Billy and Dianne were miserable. Billy told Dianne to get into the truck and he quickly packed up the camping gear.

“Don’t worry,” said Dianne when Billy got into the truck. “I won’t say it.”

“Good,” said Billy.

Billy drove away from the campsite. A half hour later, he saw a roadside motel.

“Let’s not waste the rest of the weekend,” said Billy, pulling into the parking lot.

Billy and Dianne spent the night in the motel. It was warm and sunny when they woke up the next morning. Both Billy and Dianne thought about returning to the campsite but neither of them mentioned it to the other. Halfway through that day it poured rain again. Both Billy and Dianne sighed with relief that they didn’t return to the campsite.

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