Watch Dog

Ice was in the house lying down on his mat. Mommy had the front door open a bit to air out the house. All of a sudden, Ice started to whine.

Now, most dogs whine just for the fun of it. However, when Ice whines there is usually a reason for it.

“Icey what are you whining about?” asked Mommy, going over to where Ice was.

Ice was sitting on his mat, looking out the open door toward the porch. Mommy walked out onto the porch and looked around.

Sometimes Ice will whine if he sees mountain sheep in the mountains across the street. Mommy looked up into the mountain. She didn’t see any mountain sheep. Ice continued to whine. Mommy knew that something was wrong. Then Mommy remembered that Kitty was at the door earlier and Mommy hadn’t seen Kitty in awhile.

Kitty is an indoor cat. Usually Kitty will sit at the doorway and stick her head out. Kitty is afraid of the outside world.

Mommy went back out on the porch and there was Kitty sitting in the corner. Mommy went to the corner and picked Kitty up and brought her back inside. Ice stopped his whining as soon as Mommy had the door closed and he and he saw Kitty was safe inside.

“You are such a good boy, ” said Mommy, petting Ice on his head. “Kitty is a pretty lucky cat to have you for her watch dog.”

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