Preparing for Christmas with Fawn and Spot

“Spot,” asked Fawn, who was just waking up. “What are you doing?”

Spot stood in the middle of Fawns stall with a bucket of soapy water in one hand and a sponge in another.

“I’m cleaning up,” said Spot.

“I can see that,” said Fawn. “I’m not blind. Why are you doing this so early? I’m not ready to get up yet.”

“This is Christmas Eve,” said Spot.

“Oh today is the day that Sam is coming!” exclaimed Fawn happily.

“That’s right,” said Spot. “It is going to be so much fun having him here.”

“Yes,” said Fawn, taking the sponge from Spot. “I’ll clean my own stall.”

Fawn and Spot spent the rest of the morning cleaning their stalls in preparation for their guest.

“Look!” exclaimed Fawn. “Sam’s here!” I just saw his mother pull into the driveway!”

A few minutes later, Fawn and Spot’s owners, Ricky and Jenny Hansen came down to the barn with their new friend, 7 year old, Sam.

“Fawn, Spot,” announced Jenny. “We’d like you to meet Sam.”

“Hi Sam,” said Spot, smiling. “It is nice to meet you.”

“Yeah,” said Fawn, brushing his head up against Sam’s coat. “We are going to have fun today!”

“Fawn,” said Jenny. “Don’t be so rough to Sam.”

“It’s okay,” said Sam, petting Fawn on the head. “He didn’t hurt me.”

“Okay,” said Ricky. “I guess the first thing we have to do is get a Christmas tree in here!”

“Yes,” said Jenny. “Then we can decorate it.”

Fawn, Spot and the three children went outside of the barn. It was a little cold out but, considering the time of year it was, it wasn’t too bad.

“Dad said we should only go as far as the end of the fence,” said Jenny.

“Yeah, I know where the perfect tree is,” said Ricky.

“Oh boy,” said Sam, excitedly. “I can’t wait!”

Soon Ricky stopped.

“What are you doing?” asked Jenny.

“There it is,” said Ricky, pointing to a beautiful pine tree.

“Oh, that is beautiful!” exclaimed Spot.

Ricky cut the tree down carefully. Everyone helped him to drag the tree back up to the barn.

“Now, all we need is some decorations,” said Sam.

“We are going to make the decorations,” said Jenny.

“This is sure lots of fun,” said Sam.

Jenny gathered up all the craft supplies they could find. Everyone was hard at work making decorations when Mr. and Mrs. Hansen came into the barn. Mrs. Hansen laid a tray of hot chocolate and homemade cookies on the table.

“They look good!” exclaimed Sam, not realizing until just that moment how hungry he was.

“Thanks Mom,” said Jenny.

“Yes, thank you,” said Fawn, grabbing a handful of cookies off the plate.

“Fawn!” exclaimed Jenny. “Our guest is first!”

“Oh alright!” grumbled Fawn.

“Fawn sure is funny,” said Sam. “I didn’t know cows ate cookies!”

“Only Fawn does,” said Spot.

“You should see what he normally eats,” laughed Ricky.

“Yeah,” said Jenny. “Usually he eats french-fries and drinks orange pop!”

“What a silly cow!” laughed Sam.

“He is pretty silly,” agreed Mr. Hansen.

After their break, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen helped the children put lights on the tree and then they helped decorate it too.

“And now for the final touch,” said Mrs. Hansen, reaching into a box behind her.

“Presents!” exclaimed Fawn.

“Oh Fawn,” laughed Mrs. Hansen. “You are silly!”

Mrs. Hansen pulled out a beautiful angel out of the box and handed it to Mr. Hansen.

“That is beautiful!” said Jenny.

“Yes,” said Sam, watching Mr. Hansen place the angel on top of the tree. “The whole tree is beautiful!”

“And now,” said Mr. Hansen.

“Presents!” exclaimed Fawn. “Lots and lots of presents.”

“Sorry Fawn,” said Jenny. “You will have to wait until tonight to see what Santa brings you and that is only if you have been a good boy all last year.”

“Well, that counts me out,” said Fawn.

Mr. Hansen plugged in the lights.

“Oh!” everyone shouted. “That’s beautiful!”

“Now,” said Mrs. Hansen, pulling a brightly wrapped gift out of the box.

“Presents!” exclaimed Fawn.

“This present is for Sam,” said Mrs. Hansen, handing the gift over to him. “This is our Christmas gift to you.”

“Thank you,” said Sam surprised.

“Go ahead and open it,” said Fawn. “I bet it’s a sweater!”

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “Let Sam open it and find out for himself.”

“Fawn was right!” exclaimed Sam, upon opening the parcel. “How did he know?”

“I saw Mrs. Hansen wrapping it yesterday,” said Fawn.

“Fawn you just have to ruin Sam’s surprise, didn’t you?” asked Spot, angrily.

“It’s okay, Spot,” said Sam. “I like the sweater very much. Thank you Mrs. Hansen.”

“You are very welcome,” said Mrs. Hansen.

Sam’s mother came to pick him up.

“Look Mommy,” said Sam excitedly, holding the sweater up in the air. “Mrs. Hansen gave me this sweater.”

“That is nice,” said Sam’s Mommy. “You are a very lucky boy.”

“Yes, I am,” said Sam. “Very lucky to have such nice friends.”

“Well dear,” said Mommy. “We have to get going now.”

Sam said goodbye to all his new friends.

“Goodbye,” the Hansen’s waved as Sam got in the car. “Come back and see us again!”

“Okay!” exclaimed Sam, waving.

“Okay!” said Fawn. “Now, there is still something missing from our tree!”

“What?” asked Mrs. Hansen.

“Presents!” exclaimed Fawn.

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