Desert Kid’s Early Christmas Gift to Mother

Desert Kid was outdoors doing what he loved to do best, walk through the desert. He had no plan as to where he was going, he just loved to be outdoors enjoying the fresh desert air and the beautiful scenery surrounding him.

Just as he turned the corner of a tall mountain cliff, Desert Kid saw a coyote sitting still as a mouse. Desert Kid stopped dead in his tracks, not because he was afraid of the coyote, but because he wanted to watch the coyote. Coyote’s were Desert Kid’s favourite desert animal.

For a long time, Desert Kid stood there, mesmerized by the coyote. The coyote sat still as a mouse and did not move a muscle. The desert wind blew through the fur on the coyote’s back but that was the only movement there was. Desert Kid had to look long and lean until he found out what had caught the coyote’s attention. In the desert sand, there was a rattle snake, just inches from the coyote.

The rattle snake seemed at first to be going straight in the coyote’s direction, but luckily for the coyote, it turned at the last minute and went in the opposite direction. Desert Kid could have sworn he heard a sigh of relief from the coyote as it all of a sudden, took off running through the sand.

When Desert Kid got home that evening, he got out his paint set and he drew a picture of the coyote that he had seen earlier that day.

“That is a wonderful painting,” said Desert Kid’s father, coming into see Desert Kid.

“Thank you Father,” said Desert Kid.

“Look,” said Father, pointing to the painting. “You have captured every bit of that coyote in that painting. This is definitely a work of art.”

Desert Kid was floored that his Father liked his work. Desert Kid’s Father was an artist as well and a very good one indeed.

“You know,” said Father, rubbing his chin. “You should consider putting this painting in the art show in the city this weekend.”

“You think it is that good,” said Desert Kid, proud that his Father considered his work good enough for the art show.

“Absolutely,” said Father.

Desert Kid finished his painting and he agreed with Father to put it into the art show. Of course, Desert Kid’s painting won first prize. Desert Kid was very pleased with himself.

Mother came into Desert Kid’s room and saw the painting. Her jaw dropped to the floor when she saw it. She absolutely loved it. The coyote was captured beautifully.

“I’d love to have that painting,” said Mother to Desert Kid.

“How about we consider it an early Christmas gift?” said Desert Kid. “Christmas is only a few days away.”

“Really,” said Mother happily.

“Absolutely,” said Desert Kid. “The painting is yours.”

“I have a buyer for your coyote painting,” said Father that evening after dinner.

“It is already sold,” said Desert Kid, pointing to where Mother had hung it up on the wall.

“Merry Christmas,” said Mother, so thankful for her son’s gift.

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