Silly Snake’s Christmas Calendar

Silly Snake was in his den, sitting at his table, drinking a nice warm cup of tea. He happened to glance at the calendar that was hanging on his wall.

“No,” said Silly Snake. “It can’t be!”

Silly Snake saw that it was Christmas Eve and it had come up so quickly.

“I don’t have anything prepared for Santa at all,” said Silly Snake, looking through his almost empty cupboards. “I have no cookies or treats. What will I do?”

Silly Snake looked into the fridge and saw nothing there either. Silly Snake decided that he would go into town and get some treats for Santa. He dressed warmly because he knew that if it was Christmas Eve, it would be cold outside.

Silly Snake began to walk and while walking, he noticed that it was very warm outside. In fact, it was so warm that he ended up taking off his hat and scarf and then eventually he had to take off his coat.

“What is going on here?” asked Silly Snake. “It is supposed to be the end of December but it is very warm out here. In fact, it is so warm that it feels like June, not December.”

Silly Snake went into town and once there, he noticed something very strange. Nobody had any decorations up. There wasn’t even any snow on the ground.

Silly Snake saw his best friend Sally Squirrel. He stopped to talk to her.

“Silly Snake,” said Sally Squirrel. “You look a little confused. Is there something the matter?”

“Well,” said Silly Snake. “I was sitting at my table, drinking a cup of tea and I looked at the calendar on my wall and I saw that it was Christmas Eve.”

“Silly Snake,” laughed Sally Squirrel. “When was the last time you changed your calendar?”

“I don’t know,” said Silly Snake, thinking. “Maybe six months ago.”

“You have to change your calendar every month,” said Sally Squirrel.

Silly Snake went home and he immediately changed his calendar. He even started to cross each day out so that he would know what day it was and when Christmas Eve really did come, he would be ready for it.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to keep your calendars up to date.
  • Example: Silly Snake did not change his calendar so he thought it was Christmas Eve when it was only the end of June.

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