A Love of Winter

Ice Bird was in his glory. It was a freezing cold winter day and he loved it.

“This is the coldest day yet,” said Ice Bird to himself, as he flew through a park that looked like a frozen wonderland. “And I absolutely love it.”

Ice Bird noticed a young girl sitting on a park bench at the north entrance to the park. He recognized her. He knew her name was Shelly.

“Hi Shelly,” said Ice Bird, sitting on the park bench next to her. “Isn’t it a beautiful winter day?”

“No,” said Shelly. “It isn’t. It is so cold out here that I am actually shivering.”

“I thought you liked the cold,” yelled Ice Bird. “What is wrong with you?”

“Normally,” said Shelly. “Yes, I do like the cold. However, I am not dressed properly for it today. The weatherman didn’t say anything this morning on the news about it being this cold, so I didn’t put on my hat or scarf and I didn’t put on my sweater. I am freezing.”

“That is no excuse for not liking the cold,” said Ice Bird, angrily.

“It isn’t an excuse,” said Shelly. “It is the truth.”

Shelly got up from the bench and walked away. Ice Bird couldn’t understand how one day someone said they loved the cold and the next day say they didn’t. He loved the cold every day. In fact, for Ice Bird, the colder the better.

Later that day, Ice Bird sat on something that was sticky and he ended up tearing some of his feathers off. He did start to feel the cold and even he had to admit that it was bad.

“Oh dear,” said Ice Bird. “Now I know what Shelly was talking about. I do feel the cold and I am not liking it. I need to apologize to her.”

Ice Bird saw Shelly the next day. It was much warmer out and he was grateful for that.

“I am so sorry,” said Ice Bird. “I lost some of my feathers yesterday and now I know what you were going through in that freezing cold.”

“I accept your apology,” said Shelly. “Until your feathers grow back in, how about you stay at my place when it is freezing cold?”

“I would like that,” said Ice Bird. “Thank you very much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • You should never get angry at someone if they don’t like the weather.
  • Example: Ice Bird became very angry at Shelly because she was freezing cold.

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