And Tigger Too

In the center of the deepest, darkest jungle of Africa lived a family of tigers. There was a daddy tiger, a mommy tiger and a teenie baby tiger named Tigger-Too.

“Did you want a zebra steak for breakfast?” Mother Tiger asked Daddy Tiger.

“No,” said Daddy Tiger. “I’ll save that for supper. I think I’ll just have some toast for breakfast this morning.”

“Tigger too!” exclaimed Tigger-Too from his crib. “Toast for Tigger-Too!”

“Okay,” said Mother Tiger. “Mommy will make Tigger-Too some toast.”

“After breakfast,” said Daddy Tiger. “I think I will go hunting. We need to get that freezer of ours stocked up. The drought will be soon upon us and it is so difficult to find food when it is so hot and dry.”

“Tigger too!” exclaimed Tigger-Too. “Hunting for Tigger-Too!”

“Tigger-Too,” said Mother Tiger. “You are too young to go hunting.”

“Actually,” said Daddy Tiger. “He can come hunting with me today. It will do him some good. He’s got to learn how someday.”

“Oh dear!” cried Mother Tiger. “I didn’t want this day to come so quickly.”

“It’s okay dear,” said Daddy Tiger. “Tigger-Too will be with me. I promise to keep my eyes on him and keep him safe.”

Mother Tiger just didn’t want her little baby to grow up so soon. Tigger-Too was a special little tiger. Mother Tiger had almost lost him at birth. However, Mother Tiger also realized that Tigger-Too would need to have hunting skills if he was to survive in this cruel jungle. It’s every beast to himself. Reluctantly, Mother Tiger let Tigger-Too go hunting with his Father.

“You be careful,” said Mother Tiger, as the two men were on their way out the door, “You listen to your Father. He knows what he is doing. Just be careful.”

“Yes dear,” said Daddy Tiger, winking at Mother Tiger. “Tigger-Too will be fine.”

“Tigger-Too will be careful,” said Tigger-Too, trying to calm his Mother’s fears. “Tigger-Too promises.”

“Okay,” said Mother Tiger, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Get going then.”

“Bye,” said Tigger-Too from the end of the laneway, waving to his Mother.

Mother Tiger burst into tears.

“Okay,” said Daddy Tiger, once they were in the bushes. “You sit still right here under this tree. I’m going to show you how to hunt.”

“What are we going to hunt for?” asked Tigger-Too.

“I think we’ll start with something small,” said Daddy Tiger.

“How small?” asked Tigger-Too. “Bird sized small or rabbit sized small.”

“I think rabbit sized small,” said Daddy Tiger.

“Okay,” said Tigger-Too.

Daddy left Tigger-Too behind the tree and went and sat behind a rock. A few minutes went by and Daddy looked behind him to make sure Tigger-Too was okay. He couldn’t believe his eyes! There was little Tigger-Too sitting there with a rabbit hanging out of his mouth.

“Daddy Tiger,” said Tigger-Too proudly. “Tigger-Too can hunt!”

“I’m so proud of him,” said Daddy Tiger to Mother Tiger later that night, once Tigger-Too had gone to bed. “We hadn’t even been out there for more than a few minutes!”

“I guess we have to face the fact that Tigger-Too is growing up,” said Mother Tiger.

“Yes,” said Daddy Tiger. “He sure proved that today!”

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