Arrow’s First Christmas

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “You are going to have to get out of the way of the door. Daddy is brining the Christmas tree in.”

“Gee,” said Arrow, watching Daddy drag the Christmas tree into the house. “Wow! You brought me my own tree to play in. Oh wow! I am gonna have so much fun.”

Arrow went straight over to the tree and sniffed it. He didn’t realize that the needles on the tree were sharp and one of the needles pricked him right in his nose. Arrow got angry and swatted the branch of the tree with his front paw.

“Bad tree,” said Mommy, laughing when she saw what had happened to Arrow. “But Arrow, you do have to realize that this is not your tree. It is our Christmas tree.”

Daddy set the Christmas tree up against the corner of the living room.

“There, now by tomorrow night we should be able to decorate it,” said Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy took Arrow into the kitchen with them and fed him his dinner. They knew that if they left Arrow in the living room by himself they weren’t going to have much of a tree left.

Now, at night, Arrow sleeps on Mommy’s head, right on her pillow, so Mommy knew that the tree would be safe overnight. However, the next morning both Mommy and Daddy had to go to work. They both were very anxious of leaving Arrow alone in the house with the Christmas tree.

“Gee,” said Mommy. “You really think he’s going to get into trouble with the tree. He didn’t seem to impressed with it last night after he got a needle in his nose.”

“True,” said Daddy. “But I just don’t know. Well, I really don’t have time to worry about it right now. We do have to get to work.”

“Arrow,” said Mommy, grabbing her briefcase off the desk. “You behave yourself today and stay away from the tree.”

“Well,” said Arrow to himself, once Mommy and Daddy had left for work. “That seems highly unfair. First they bring me a tree, then the tree pricks my nose and then they tell me to stay away from it.”

Arrow stayed away from the tree for like five minutes, then he just couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to climb that tree. After all, it was his tree to climb.

Arrow climbed to the very tallest branch of the tree. He felt the tree sway beneath him and he was too scared to move. Poor Arrow spent the rest of the day on that branch until Mommy and Daddy came home and saw where he was.

“Gee Arrow,” said Daddy, reaching up to grab Arrow from the branch of the tree. “You couldn’t have gone much higher, could you have?”

“Meow!!!” purred Arrow, when Daddy set him on the floor.

“At least you didn’t get into trouble while you were stuck in the tree all day,” laughed Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy decorated the tree that night and Arrow sat there and watched them.

“Gee,” said Arrow. “What did they go and ruin my tree for? How am I supposed to climb it now that all those fancy things are on it?”

“What a pretty tree,” commented Mommy, holding Arrow in her arms, when they put the angel on the top of the tree.

“An angel,” said Arrow. “Gee, how I am ever supposed to climb my tree when an angel is going to be sitting there looking at me the whole time.”

Arrow never did climb that tree again. However, every chance he got he would swat at the lower branches of the tree and knock off a couple of decorations onto the floor. Every night when Mommy and Daddy came home, they had to put the decorations back onto the tree.

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