Christmas Snow

“Racum!” Mrs. Raccoon called. “Come here quick!”

Racum came running as quickly as he could. It sounded like his Mother was very excited about something, only he could not figure out what that something was.

“Look,” said Mrs. Raccoon, pointing out the kitchen window. “Christmas snow.”

Racum had heard his Mother speak of Christmas snow before but he had never actually seen it. Mother saw lots of Christmas snow in her younger years but has not seen it for a very long time.

The snow Racum was looking at was definitely different from any other snow that he had ever seen. The flakes were very big and they all came down without touching one another. It was a spectacular sight to see.

“Come on Racum,” said Mother, handing his boots and coat to him. “We have to go outside and play.”

Mother and Racum went outside. It was beautiful standing there in the wonderful Christmas snow. They could feel the magic from the flakes that fell onto their outstretched hands. They could feel the magic as the flakes hit their foreheads and danced on their tongues.

Mother and Racum danced in the snow, played in the snow and loved their Christmas snow so much that they had no sense of time. They didn’t realize that they had been outside for a good hour or more until they saw Father coming up the walkway.

“Oh oh,” said Father, once everyone was back in the house. “Looks like we are having take-out for dinner tonight.”

“Unfortunately yes,” said Mother, a little ashamed that she had been so busy playing in the snow that she forget to cook dinner.

“No,” said Father. “Let’s all go out to eat tonight. That way we can enjoy more of the wonderful Christmas snow as we walk into town to our favourite diner.”

The Raccoon family had an awesome time walking and playing in the Christmas snow and they had worked up such an appetite that they all ate their dinner and even had some dessert too.

“Yummy,” said Racum, when the waitress handed him a bowl with pudding with white chocolate flakes on the top of it. “What kind of pudding is this?”

“It never had a name until tonight,” said the waitress. “It is now called Christmas snow pudding.”

“What an awesome name!” exclaimed Racum, eating up every drop of it.

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