It Wasn’t My Fault

”Spot did you see that?” asked Fawn, with a frightened look on his face.

”Are you talking about that?” asked Spot, just as frightened, pointing to a ghost that appeared out of nowhere.

”Yes,” said Fawn. ”Spot, I’m scared.”

”Me too!” exclaimed Spot.

”Don’t be scared,” the ghost replied. ”I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Fawn and Spot stood as still as they could.

”It wasn’t my fault you got scared,” said the ghost.

”It wasn’t,” said Spot.

”No,” said the ghost. ”Everyone gets scared of me really quick just because I am a ghost.”

”I guess that’s true,” said Spot.

”Of course it’s true,” said the ghost. ”You don’t think that I’d scare you on purpose, now do you?”

”Sure you would,” said Fawn. ”You are a ghost.”

”I am a ghost,” said the ghost. ”Yes that is true. However, I am not a bad ghost.”

”All ghosts are bad,” said Fawn.

”No they aren’t,” said the ghost. ”I will admit that most of us are bad, though. But I keep telling you, I am not a bad ghost. I am just lonely and would like to have a friend.”

”You want me to be your friend,” said Fawn.

” Fawn, why not?” asked Spot. ”Why can’t we have a friend that is a ghost?”

”Gee,” said Fawn. ”I never thought of having a ghost for a friend. You know, it might be a lot of fun.”

”What is your name?” Spot asked the ghost. ”My name is Spot and this is my friend Fawn.”

”My name is George,” said the ghost.

Fawn, Spot and George became the best of friends. They had a lot of fun together, except for when they played hide and seek. For some reason, George always won that game.

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