The Vikings Tried to Survive

“Marcus,” said Benjamin, his best friend and crew mate. “This farming business is a lot of work. I think we need to raid another village again.”

“No,” said Marcus. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“We are Vikings,” said Benjamin. “Raiding is in our blood.”

“Maybe so,” said Marcus. “But I am the Lovable Viking. The Lovable Viking can’t raid villages any longer. The Lovable Viking can’t hurt anyone.”

Marcuse went out into the field and he saw the back-breaking work that the villagers of Tara were doing. They were trying to prepare the ground so they can plant the seeds.

“Lovable Viking,” said a little boy, who was standing at the edge of the field. “I am hungry.”

“Oh dear Lucas,” said Marcus, suddenly rethinking his decision not to raid. “I need to make a decision about what we are going to do.”

“My father has tried hunting and fishing,” said Lucas. “It is no use. Father wasn’t able to catch anything.”

“I guess we aren’t made out to be farmers, hunters and fishermen,” said Marcus. “I guess we are raiders and will always be raiders.”

Marcus went to find Benjamin and he told Benjamin to get the crew and ship ready. They were going to go to Karda and do another raid.

“The crew will be so happy,” said Benjamin. “Their families are starving.”

“I do not want a single person hurt,” said Marcus.

“I promise you,” said Benjamin. “Nobody is going to get hurt.”

Marcus and the crew left the next morning to their favourite raiding village, Karda. Karda was located along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. I was rich in valuables that families had collected over the centuries. The richness of Karda made it a very easy target for the Vikings.

The ship landed in the middle of the day. The crew was antsy and wanted to start the raid right away.

“It is too dangerous,” said Marcus. “We have to wait until nightfall.”

The crew knew Marcus was right but they were starving. They needed to eat. A small number of the crew snuck off into the village of Karda without Marcus knowing about it.

The crew saw that the villagers were having a huge feast. They went around to the back of the banquet table and each one took a plate of food. They ate a little for themselves and took the rest back to the ship.

“Was anyone hurt?” asked Marcus.

“No,” said Franklin, one of the crew members that took the food. “The people of Karda were so busy with the celebrations that not one of them saw us.”

“Okay,” said Marcus. “Eat quickly and we will raid right away. If the villagers are celebrating we will be able to raid right away.”

The crew ate, then raided Karda. It was the easiest and richest raid they had ever done. They were able to barrels and barrels of salted meats and vegetables.

“Not one single person was hurt,” said Marcus, proudly. “We have enough on this raid to last us for quite a while.”

“Let’s get this home to our loved ones,” said Benjamin.

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