Billy Troll’s Good Deed

“Billy!” exclaimed Dianne Troll. “It sure is nice to see you again.”

“You too, Dianne,” said Billy, happily. “It’s been awhile.”

Billy Troll is a country singer and had been away on tour for the last three months.

“How was the tour?” asked Dianne.

“It was the best concert tour yet,” said Billy.

“That’s great,” said Dianne. “I am so happy for you.”

“Listen, Dianne,” said Billy. “How about going out for dinner tonight? I’m starved and there is absolutely no food at my place.”

“Great,” said Dianne. “There is a new restaurant in town. Do you want to go there?”

“Trolltown has a new restaurant,” laughed Billy. “I must have been away for a long, long time.”

“Three months is a long, long time,” said Dianne.

“Now, Dianne Troll,” said Billy. “It sounds like you missed me.”

“Just a little,” blushed Dianne.

“Well, I missed you a lot,” said Billy, putting his arms around his friend. “Now, how about dinner?”

“Okay,” said Dianne.

Billy and Dianne drove through Trolltown to the new family restaurant that had just opened up about a week ago.

“Looks good,” said Billy, admiring the outside of the building.

“It is good,” said Dianne, laughing. “The food that is.”

Once inside the restaurant, Billy took a good look around the inside of the restaurant. It was brightly decorated in bright pink and blue polka dots.

“Good evening, Ms. Troll,” said a waiter, dressed in a bright blue suit.

“Oh hello, Wally,” said Dianne. “You remember Billy Troll, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, of course,” said Wally, shaking Billy’s outstretched hand. “How is the music industry these days?”

“Just fine,” said Billy. “I just came back from the best tour yet.”

“Good,” said Wally. “Now, what can I do for you two tonight?”

“We’d like a quiet table for two,” said Billy.

“Right this way,” said Wally.

Billy pulled out Dianne’s seat for her and she sat down and then he sat down beside her.

“I’m so hungry,” said Billy. “I could eat a bear!”

“Bear we don’t have,” said Wally, handing Billy and Dianne a menu. “But, we do have a good selection to choose from. I recommend our roast beef dinner.”

Billy’s mouth began to water.

“That’s what I’ll have,” said Billy, folding up his menu. “That sounds wonderful!”

“You’re not hard to please,” said Wally, writing down Billy’s order.

“You have to remember, Billy has been away from home for the last three months,” said Dianne.

“Right,” said Wally.

“I think I’ll have the same as Billy,” said Dianne.

Billy could hardly wait for dinner to come. He was ravished. He became very impatient and started kicking his feet back and forth under the table, almost kicking Dianne.

“Sorry,” said Billy. “I’m just so hungry.”

“That’s okay,” said Dianne. “Just don’t let it happen again.”

Wally came with their soda that they had ordered. Billy drank his all up in about two seconds. Then, he started kicking his feet again. This time, his foot kicked something hard.

Billy reached underneath the table and picked up the object. It was a man’s wallet.

“Where did that come from?” asked Dianne, when she noticed what Billy was holding.

“It was underneath the table,” said Billy.

“Look at all the money that is in here!” exclaimed Dianne, grabbing the wallet from Billy.

“Looks like a couple of thousand troll dollars!” exclaimed Billy.

“Think of all the roast beef dinners this would buy,” said Dianne, holding the troll dollars in her hand.

“Now, Dianne,” said Billy. “We have to find out who the wallet belongs too.”

“Oh that figures,” said Dianne. “Billy, why are you such a nice guy?”

“Just because, it’s my nature,” said Billy.

“Well, your nature ruins all the fun,” said Dianne.

Billy reached over to Dianne and took the troll money from her and put it back into the wallet. Just then Wally came by the table with their meal.

“Wow!” exclaimed Wally, eyeing the wallet full of money. “You sure do make a lot of money singing country music, Billy!

“This money isn’t mine,” said Billy. “I just found this wallet under the table.”

“Oh my goodness,” said Wally. “That must be Mr. Hollow Troll’s wallet. He was in here earlier on today, telling me that he had lost his wallet. The poor old man, he had his life savings in it. He was so upset.”

“He’ll be very relieved, now,” said Dianne, a little guiltily.

“Let me call him and let him know,” said Wally, taking the wallet.

Billy and Dianne finished their meal in silence.

The next morning, Dianne was knocking on Billy’s door.

“Hi Dianne,” said Billy a little sleepily.

“Oh Billy,” said Dianne. “I’m sorry I woke you. Wally just called me and told me that Mr. Hollow Troll wants to see you. He’s at the restaurant.”

“Oh,” said Billy.

Billy and Dianne drove over to the restaurant. There, in the corner of the restaurant, sat a lonely little man.

“Mr. Hollow Troll,” said Billy. “Wally said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes son,” said Mr. Hollow Troll. “I just wanted to give you this reward.”

Mr. Hollow Troll handed Billy a hundred dollar troll bill.

“No sir,” said Dianne, smiling at Billy. “There is no need for a reward. Our reward is just knowing that we have done a good deed.”

“Dianne,” said Billy, happily. “I’m very proud of you.”

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