November Snow

The Poor Mountain Family were out in the woods. They were going for a walk to collect some different herbs and plants that grow in their nearby forest. The air felt a little crisp but the sky was the clearest blue colour.

“It almost feels as if it could snow,” said Poor Mountain Father, buttoning up his coat all the way.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is November.”

“November’s weather can be very unpredictable,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Especially in the mountains.”

The Poor Mountain Family lived in the mountainous region of British Columbia, Canada. Because of the altitude of the mountains, the weather is very unpredictable, meaning that the weather can change from being a nice sunny day to being the worst snow storm of the season, in a matter of minutes.

The Poor Mountain Family decided that they should start heading toward their cabin. They were about a half an hour walk from it and they didn’t really relish the thought of having to get stuck in a nasty snow storm.

“Come on children,” said Poor Mountain Father, taking their hands and helping them across some the huge logs that had fallen down across the forest floor. “We must hurry before that snow starts.”

They were within 50 feet of the front door of their cabin, when the full force of the storm began. They could not see ahead of them at all. Poor Mountain Father carried Poor Mountain Sister on his shoulders while taking Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Mother’s hands. Poor Mountain Mother was having more difficult than anyone else walking through the drifts of snow that were starting to pile up because she was just getting over a twisted ankle.

The Poor Mountain Family trudged along through the snow. Poor Mountain Mother walked as best as she could but she did end up falling. Poor Mountain Father put Poor Mountain Sister down in the snow and went to help Poor Mountain Mother. As he bent over to help her out, he noticed that Poor Mountain Mother had fallen right at the doorstep of their cabin. He reached over and pulled open the door to the cabin. Poor Mountain Mother crawled in the door way as Poor Mountain Father grabbed the children and brought them inside.

“November snows can be pretty wicked,” said Poor Mountain Father, once the whole family was safe and sound inside.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother, okay from her fall except for a few little bruises here and there. “That is the worst snow storm I have seen in awhile.”

“That is an indication of what is to come this winter,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We are supposed to get lots of snow this winter.”

“I see,” said Poor Mountain Mother, not very impressed with the weather forecast she had just heard.

“We are very well prepared for a rough winter,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We have enough supplies and firewood to outlast this storm plus a few more.”

The Poor Mountain Family had to do just that. Over the next week, it snowed and snowed and snowed.

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