“Fawn,” said Spot, standing in the doorway of Fawn’s room. “We should paint your room.”

“That would be great!” exclaimed Fawn. “It is pretty dull looking in here right now.”

Fawn and Spot decided they would go to town to the hardware store and pick out the colour of paint for Fawn’s room.

“How hard can it be to pick out a can of paint?” asked Fawn, opening the door to the hardware store.

“It can’t be all that difficult,” said Spot.

Boy were they wrong. It took them nearly three hours to finally agree on a colour.

“I really like this cornflower blue,” said Fawn, carrying the can of paint up to the cash register.

“Yes,” said Spot. “It is nice but I liked the lemon ice.”

“You know,” said Fawn. “Why don’t we paint your room too? The lemon ice would look really good in your room.”

“Yes,” said the cashier. “And just so you know, we have a sale on our paint right now. You buy one can and get the other free.”

“Sold,” said Spot.

The cashier went back to the paint department and got a can of lemon ice paint for Spot. Both Fawn and Spot were very happy about their choices of paint.

“This looks nice,” said Fawn, after his room was painted.

“Yes it does,” said Spot. “I like my room too.”

Fawn and Spot were very happy. In fact, Spot was so pleased that she decided to make quilts for her and Fawn.

“This is much nicer,” said Spot, spreading Fawn’s new quilt on his bed.

“It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do,” said Fawn.

“Yes it is,” said Spot.

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