Friday the 13th

“Hey Billy,” said Dianne Troll, coming down the stairs. “I’ve got the perfect date for your next concert.”

“Great,” said Billy Troll, eating his breakfast. “When?”

“Friday the 13th,” said Dianne.

“I don’t know,” said Billy. “Friday the 13th is a weird day.”

“But we can get that perception out of everyone’s head,” said Dianne. “We could have some fun with this.”

“I’m not so sure,” said Billy.

“Look,” said Dianne. “We could have a Friday the 13th theme. We could have everyone dress up in costumes and we could have door prizes.”

“Okay,” said Billy. “Let’s try it.”

“Maybe we can stop a lot of weird stuff from happening on Friday the 13th,” said Dianne. “Here in Troll Town we have been having problems with the troll youth on Friday the 13th. They could come to the concert instead.”

“Now that is a good idea,” said Billy.

There has been a rash of break-ins and vandalism in Troll Town on Friday the 13th. The Troll Town Police have been trying to come up with ways of getting the troll teens off the streets.

Billy and Dianne went to the Troll Town Police Station that afternoon and spoke to Chief Troll.

“What a wonderful idea,” said Chief Troll once Dianne explained her idea to him.

“Yes,” said Billy. “And we are going to give your officers free tickets to hand out to any of the troll teens they come across.”

The Friday the 13th concert in Troll Town was a big hit. Billy and Dianne were given a Citizenship of Troll Town award for the work they did. There was not even one complaint of anyone in Troll Town regarding violence and vandalism.

Every Friday the 13th became a good day in Troll Town with the success of Dianne’s concert idea.


Moral of this Story:

  • A concert is a good way to keep teens off the streets and out of trouble.
  • Example: Dianne Troll came up with the idea of getting teens off the streets by letting them attend her husband, Billy Troll’s concert.

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