Silly Snake’s First Halloween

One Halloween night, Silly Snake was slithering in the long cool grass. Usually, the grass was quite calm, but for some reason tonight, the grass was being invaded by footsteps. Silly Snake had to dodge them by the thousands.

“What is going on up there?” said Silly Snake. “There are never this many feet walking by this house.”

Silly Snake poked his head from the grass.

“I see tons of monsters and goblins up there,” said Silly Snake. “This could be a lot of fun.”

Silly Snake liked monsters and goblins. They didn’t frighten him at all.

“I wonder why all the monsters and goblins are out here tonight?” Silly Snake asked himself.

Silly Snake followed a group of monsters up the long pathway toward the house. Each monster said something to the owner of the house and then the owner of the house gave each of the monsters a candy.

“Wow!” said Silly Snake. “I love candy!”

As the monster ahead of him approached the house, Silly Snake leaned close to him so that he could hear what the monster was saying to the owner.

“Trick-or-treat,” the monster said.

The owner threw a big candy bar into the monsters bag.

“Trick-or-treat,” repeated Silly Snake to himself. “That is so easy to say.”

“Trick-or-treat,” Silly Snake said to the owner of the house when it was his turn.

The owner gave Silly Snake a huge candy bar, too. Silly Snake was very happy. He loved candy bars. Silly Snake decided that he would eat his candy bar right away. He sat down on the pathway and started to unwrap it.

“What are you doing?” asked a monster. “You shouldn’t eat that candy bar yet! Don’t you know anything.”

“Why can’t I eat my candy bar?” asked Silly Snake, who was very confused.

“Sometimes people put bad things inside of candy on Halloween night,” the monster explained. “You should save all the candy that you get tonight and have your parents check it over for you when you get home.”

“That is a very wise idea,” said Silly Snake, putting his candy bar into his pocket. “I’ll get Mommy to check it for me. Thank you very much. By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Ben,” said the monster. “What is your name?”

“I’m Silly Snake,” said Silly Snake. “Can you tell me something? What is Halloween?”

“Halloween is a night when ghosts, goblins, spirits and monsters come out to go trick-or-treating,” said Ben. “trick-or-treating is a lot of fun.”

“Yes it is,” said Silly Snake. “So, this Halloween, how long does it last?”

“Halloween occurs every year on October 31,” said Ben. “It only lasts for one night.”

“Oh,” said Silly Snake. “I haven’t much time left then. I’d better get going. I want to get some more candy.”

“Are you not trick-or-treating with anyone?” asked Ben.

“No,” said Silly Snake. “Am I supposed to?”

“Yes,” said Ben. “You should never trick-or-treat on your own. You should always go trick-or-treating with a friend. That way, if you get lost or hurt, someone will be there to help you out.”

“Well,” said Silly Snake. “You’re my friend, right?”

“Yes,” said Ben. “I suppose I am.”

“Can I go trick-or-treating with you?” asked Silly Snake.

“Sure you can,” said Ben.

The two friends went trick-or-treating together. They had a lot of fun and they got a lot of candy. Both Ben and Silly Snake took all of their candy home to have their parents check it out for them. Each Halloween night, Silly Snake and Ben went trick-or-treating together.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always follow the rules for Halloween so you don’t get hurt.
  • Example: Since it was his first Halloween, Silly Snake didn’t know any of the rules. Lucky for him, his new friend, Ben, told him everything he needed to know.

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