Trying to Eat a Golden Egg

It was Christmas Eve and Golden Christmas Goose had just laid a golden egg in the snow. She had just come from visiting with her mother. Her siblings had rejected her when she was hatched because of her golden colour. Her mother feared that she would not make it because her siblings would not let her eat. Her mother had made a huge sacrifice and allowed Santa Claus to take her to live with him in the North Pole. Each Christmas Eve, Golden Christmas Goose visited with her mother.

Golden Christmas Goose was now ready to go back to the North Pole, where she lived with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

“Someone will have good luck,” said Golden Christmas Goose, as she continued on her way.

Soon after Golden Christmas Goose had walked away from her golden egg, Bad Teeth Bradley stumbled upon the golden egg.

“What is this?” asked Bad Teeth Bradley, picking up the golden egg that he saw laying in the snow. “It looks like a golden egg.”

Bad Teeth Bradley bit into the golden egg. He found out it was solid and he ended up breaking one of his front teeth.

“I guess I can’t eat it,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I am going to have to go see my dentist, Dr. Stevens.”

Bad Teeth Bradley took the golden egg and he went to see Dr. Stevens.

“What happened to your tooth?” asked Dr. Stevens.

Bad Teeth Bradley showed the golden egg to Dr. Stevens.

“Don’t tell me that you thought this golden egg was candy?” asked Dr. Stevens.

“I did,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

Dr. Stevens took a good look at the golden egg. He recognized it right away.

“Do you know what this is?” asked Dr. Stevens. “Do you realize how valuable this is?”

“No,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I just found it in the snow.”

“This golden egg has been in the news,” explained Dr. Stevens. “Each Christmas Eve, a special goose, Golden Christmas Goose, lays a golden egg in the snow. Whoever finds it will have good luck.”

“Well so far it hasn’t given me any good luck,” complained Bad Teeth Bradley. “All I got was a broken tooth.”

“That is because you tried to eat a solid golden egg that is worth millions,” said Dr. Stevens.

“Millions?” asked Bad Teeth Bradley.

“Yes,” said Dr. Stevens. “Millions. Do you realize you have enough money in this golden egg so your dad doesn’t have to pay your dentist bills anymore. You can now pay for them yourself.”

“Oh my dad will like that,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“Yes, I am sure he will,” laughed Dr. Stevens.

“Maybe I am going to have good luck with this golden egg after all,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“I am sure you will,” said Dr. Stevens. “Now, let’s get this tooth of yours fixed.”

“Okay,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“Merry Christmas,” said Dr. Stevens, once he had finished fixing Bad Teeth Bradley’s tooth.

“Merry Christmas to you as well,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to pay for your own dentist bills.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley found the golden egg so, now he will be able to afford to pay for his own dentist bills.

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