Finding a Golden Egg

Golden Christmas Goose was walking through a field of snow. She had just come from visiting her mother. It was a very nice visit and she was glad that none of her siblings were there. It had been a year since the day she was hatched and the dreadful day her siblings rejected her because of her golden colour. Her mother was very worried so when Santa Claus came along and suggested she stay in the North Pole with him and Mrs. Claus, her mother agreed.

While Golden Christmas Goose was walking, she laid a golden egg in the snow.

“Someone will have good luck,” said Golden Christmas Goose.

Golden Christmas Goose kept walking. Soon after she had left, Trickster Bunny was out hopping around the field and he saw the golden egg.

“This is a beautiful egg,” said Trickster. “I will come back later and pick it up.”

“Have you heard about the golden egg that Golden Christmas Goose laid?” asked Isabella, Trickster’s youngest sister, once Trickster had gone home. “Oh, how I would love to even get a glimpse of it! You know I have always dreamed of being a princess. Just imagine what a princess could do with a golden egg. Why I could be the richest princess in the nation. I could give all the poor people a Christmas they could only dream of.”

“I have not only heard about the golden egg,” said Trickster. “I saw it.”

“Where?” asked Isabella. “Take me there, please? Oh, I am so excited.”

Trickster took Isabella to the field that he saw the golden egg but he couldn’t find it.

“This is no time for your tricks,” cried Isabella.

Isabella was angry. She stomped her little bunny feet all the way home.

Trickster was baffled. He knew that golden egg was there. He stayed in the field until he found it. His sisters always thought he was playing tricks on them and sometimes he was but, not this time. This was Christmas Eve and he wanted to prove to his sisters that he wasn’t playing tricks and that he actually did see the golden egg.

“Just a minute,” said Trickster to himself. “I didn’t see the golden egg in this field. It was in the other field.”

Trickster ran over to the other field as fast as he could go and sure enough, there was the golden egg. He carefully picked it up and took it home.

“Isabella,” said Trickster, once he was at home. “I found it. I found the golden egg.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Isabella.

Trickster couldn’t get Isabella to come out of her room, no matter what he said to her.

“I know,” said Tricksters. “I will wrap up the golden egg and put it under the tree for her.

Trickster wrapped the golden egg in the shiniest paper he could find. He tied a shimmery ribbon to it and he wrote Isabella’s name on the tag and then signed his name in the from field.

That evening, their mother let the bunnies open one gift each. Trickster made sure Isabella opened his.

“The golden egg!” Isabella cried. “Oh Trickster, I am so sorry I doubted you.”

“It turns out we were in the wrong field,” said Trickster.

Isabella was so happy. She gave Trickster a big hug.

“This is the best Christmas I have ever had,” said Isabella, truly happy. “Now I am a true princess and a very rich one. I want everyone to have the best Christmas ever!”

Isabella went into town. She convinced the shopkeeper to extend his hours for that evening and whatever anyone bought to charge it to her. The shopkeeper wasn’t going to but then, Isabella showed him the golden egg.

“Shop away,” said the shopkeeper.

Everyone had a wonderful Christmas all because of Trickster, Isabella and the golden egg.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to prove you aren’t always playing tricks.
  • Example: Trickster was able to prove to his sisters that he wasn’t playing tricks when he told his youngest sister, Isabella that he saw the golden egg.

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