Lonely Scarecrow Loses his Hat

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lonely Scarecrow. “It sure is a blustery autumn day.”

Lonely Scarecrow sat on the fence post and watched as the wind blew autumn leaves everywhere. He felt his hat lift off his head. He tried to catch it but it was too late. The wind took his hat and it blew across the field.

“My hat!” screamed Lonely Scarecrow.

Lonely Scarecrow was helpless. He watched his hat blow away. He had no way of getting his hat. He was, after all, just a scarecrow.

“What am I going to do without my hat?” asked Lonely Scarecrow to himself. “My head is going to freeze.”

Luckily for Lonely Scarecrow, a crow just happened to see Lonely Scarecrow’s hat be taken away by the wind. Now, the crow knew that the whole reason Lonely Scarecrow was there at all, was to scare him and other crows away but, at the same time, the crow didn’t want Lonely Scarecrow to freeze. The crow picked up the hat in his beak and carried it to Lonely Scarecrow.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lonely Scarecrow. “Thank you very much.”

“I know we don’t get along,” said the crow. “But, I couldn’t see you freeze without your hat.”

“I appreciate this so much,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I do hope that you know that me scaring you and the other crows away is my job. It has nothing to do with you personally.”

“I do understand that,” said the crow.

“Do you think you could put your career on hold for a few minutes while I take some corn? I am starving.”

“You have ten minutes,” said Lonely Scarecrow, knowing that he had to help out the crow. ‘ “I don’t want to see you starve.”

“Thank you,” said the crow. “Thank you very much.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help out others.
  • Example: The crow helped bring Lonely Scarecrow his hat back, so Lonely Scarecrow helped the crow by letting him take some corn out of the field.


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