Easter Lily and the Easter Dress

“There is a little girl crying,” said Renee Chickadee. “She is sitting on the bench in the garden.”

“Oh dear,” said Easter Lily. “I must find her and talk to her. It is only two more days until Easter. I can’t have anyone sad at Easter.”

“Follow me,” said Renee.

Easter Lily followed Renee, who flew just above her head. Renee took Easter Lily to the little girl.

“Hello,” said Easter Lily. “My name is Easter Lily and the little bird flying above us in Renee Chickadee. I can see that you are sad. How come?”

“Mother bought me this brand new dress for Easter,” cried the little girl. “I wasn’t supposed to wear it yet, but I did and now I got mud on it.”

“I see,” said Easter Lily. “What is your name?”

“My name is Sally,” said the little girl. “I am in so much trouble with my mother.”

“Maybe it isn’t as bad as what you think,” said Easter Lily, looking at the hem of the dress. “I only see a little bit of mud here on the hem. I think Renee and I can get the mud cleaned up off the dress for you.”

“Oh,” said Sally, happily. “That would be great.”

Easter Lily asked Renee to get her a washcloth and a bar of soap. Renee quickly found one and Easter Lily quickly wiped the mud off the hem of Sally’s dress.

“You did it!” cried Sally, happily. “You got the mud off my dress. Now, I won’t be in trouble. Thank you so much!”

“You are welcome,” said Easter Lily. “Now, I would suggest you go home, take off your dress and don’t wear it until Easter.”

“Good idea,” said Sally. “I will do that right away.”

“Happy Easter!” exclaimed Easter Lily, waving to Sally as she got up and walked down the garden pathway.

“Yes,” said Sally, waving to Easter Lily and Renee. “Happy Easter to you two as well!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be helpful to your friends.
  • Example: Easter Lily and Renee helped get the mud off Sally’s new Easter dress.
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