Arrow and Cutie Celebrate Valentine’s Day

“Cutie,” said Arrow, seeing his sister laying on her favourite blanket. “Today is Valentine’s Day.”

“What is Valentine’s Day?” asked Cutie.

“Valentine’s Day is the day of love,” explained Arrow.

“Does that mean that you have to love me all day today?” asked Cutie.

“I already love you,” said Arrow. “It also means that you have to love me all day today.”

“So,” said Cutie. “You really do love me.”

“Of course,” said Arrow. “You are the best sister any cat could ever have.”

“You are a pretty good brother,” said Cutie.

Arrow and Cutie went and laid down for their nap. At dinner time, they saw Daddy give Mommy some flowers.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Daddy, giving Mommy a kiss.

“So,” said Cutie to Arrow. “Where are my Valentine’s Day flowers?”

“You are my sister,” said Arrow. “I don’t have to get you any flowers.”

“It would be a nice thing to do,” said Cutie.

Arrow did agree that it would be a nice thing for him to get her some flowers. He went to Mommy’s flowers and he took one and gave it to Cutie.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Cutie, giving Arrow a kiss on his forehead. “Thank you for the flower.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Flowers are always a nice thing to give for Valentine’s Day.
  • Example: Cutie saw Daddy give Mommy some flowers for Valentine’s Day. She wanted Arrow to get her some.

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