Baby and Sparky

“Baby,” said Mommy. “Look what I have for you?”

Baby looked up from her nap and couldn’t believe her eyes. There, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, was a very small and delicate grey and white kitten.

“What are you doing to me?” asked Baby, angrily. ”How could you do this to me?”

Baby ran under the kitchen table and pouted.

”How could Mommy do this to me?” Baby cried. “I’m the baby around here. How is Mommy going to love me now? I’m doomed!”

“Baby,” said Mommy. “Come out from underneath that table and meet Sparky.”

“Sparky!” laughed Baby. “That is the funniest name I have ever heard!”

Baby came out from underneath the table, laughing very hard. She didn’t realize that she ended up sitting right beside Sparky.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Mommy, thinking that Baby was sitting beside Sparky because she liked her. “Baby likes Sparky!”

“Great!” exclaimed Baby. “Now Mommy thinks I like this cute little twirp. Oh no, did I just call Sparky cute? That’s all I need!”

Baby stood in the middle of the dining room floor and took a good, long hard look at Sparky.

”Maybe she is cute after all,” said Baby. “Maybe it won’t be so bad having Sparky around! Maybe it will be fun.”

”Okay Sparky and Baby,” called Mommy. ”Now it’s time to eat.”

“Alright,” said Baby. ”I’m starving.”

Baby sat on the floor, patiently waiting for Mommy to feed her. Mommy put the bowl of food down on the floor and Sparky was the first one to stick her head into it. Baby tried to sneak over to the other side of the bowl to see if she could eat from there. However, Sparky would have no part of that. Sparky hissed and growled at Baby.

Baby’s feelings were hurt.

“What did you go and do that for?” asked Baby.

“I’m sorry,” said Sparky. “I am just so hungry. I haven’t had anything good to eat in days.”

“Why not?” asked Baby.

“I came from a cage at the pet store,” said Sparky. “You don’t get fed very well there.”

“You will save me some?” asked Baby.

“Of course,” said Sparky.

Baby sat back and let Sparky eat her share.

“Okay,” said Mommy, picking Sparky up from the floor. “Let Baby have some now.”

Baby and Sparky quickly became the best of friends and had lots of fun together. They both grew up to be the best cats that anyone could ever own.

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