Tears of War – Chapter Four

“Who was that on the phone?” asked Mother, the next morning.

“It was Pete from New York,” said Daddy.

“Ron, I can tell by the look on your face that you have to go back,” said Mother.

“Just until Tuesday, Julie,” said Daddy. “I’ll be back in plenty of time for Shawna’s operation.”

“When do you have to leave?” asked Mother, tears pouring down her face.

Daddy gave Mother a big warm hug, knowing that this was a very trying and difficult time for her.

“Shawna will be fine,” said Daddy. “She will pull through this.”

“Oh,” cried Mother. “I sure hope so.”

“What is going on here?” Tracey asked, coming down the stairs in the midst of all the commotion. “It’s not Shawna is it?”

“No dear,” said Daddy. “Shawna is alright. I just got word that I have to go back to New York tonight.”

“Are you going to be back for Shawna’s operation?” asked Tracey.

“Definitely,” said Daddy. “Now let’s go see Shawna.”

Tracey and her parents went to the hospital to see Shawna. While walking down the hospital corridor Tracey noticed the chapel.

“Can we go and say a prayer for Shawna?” asked Tracey.

“Why of course!” exclaimed Daddy.

“Dear Lord,” said Tracey, standing at the front of the chapel. “Please don’t take my sister yet? She is so young. Please keep her here with me for a long time yet. I really need her.”

After everyone said a prayer for Shawna, they all felt much better and Shawna herself seemed to be in good spirits.

“Please Daddy,” Shawna pleaded with him when he told her he had to go back to New York. “Just make sure you are here on Wednesday.”

“I will be here,” said Daddy. “I promise.”

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