Wild Bears

The Poor Mountain Family were sitting at the breakfast table eating bacon and eggs for breakfast.

“I would like to know where the summer went,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “The children are back in school tomorrow.”

“That is right,” said Poor Mountain Father. “This summer has gone by pretty quick and we really didn’t do much.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We did go camping.”

“True,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“We did have a lot of fun camping,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

The family reminisced about their camping trip that they took that summer at a local provincial park. They talked about how they went fishing and how. when they came back to the campsite after swimming, they saw a bear wandering around the campground.

 “We were all a little scared of the bear,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“I have an idea,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Let’s go to the zoo today.”

“That is an awesome idea,” the two children said excitedly at the same time.

The Poor Mountain Family had an awesome day at the zoo. They took a picnic lunch with them and they enjoyed looking at the animals in the zoo.

“Funny how a bear doesn’t seem so scary in a zoo,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“That is why a lot of people don’t have the respect they should for a wild bear,” said Poor Mountain Father. “People see the bears in an enclosure and think to themselves that they aren’t really wild and then they go into the wilderness and have the same thinking.”

“I could see why a lot of people end up getting hurt by animals in the wild,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “They just aren’t as scared of them as they should be.”

“My point exactly,” said Poor Mountain Father.

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