Hillbilly Bob’s Valentine’s Day

Hillbilly Bob was sitting in his favourite rocking chair in the living room of his old log cabin, strumming his guitar. He happened to glance over at the calendar that hung on his wall when he noticed today was Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve got to get me a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Hillbilly Bob got himself all gussied up in his Sunday best.

“My,” said his mother. “Don’t you look handsome tonight.”

“Thank you Mother,” he said, giving her a kiss on her cheek. “Where’s Pa?”

“He’s out at the barn,” said Mother.

Hillbilly Bob went down to the barn and asked if he could borrow his Pa’s car.

“You got yourself a sweetheart for tonight?” asked his Pa, raising his eyebrows at his son.

“No,” said Hillbilly Bob. “But I’m a going to get one.”

“Good luck to ya,” said Pa giving him the keys.

Hillbilly Bob went to the local general store and bought a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. He then walked across the street and he froze in mid-step.

“I guess I was too late,” said Hillbilly Bob, sitting on the park bench close by. “It looks like Theresa Ann already has a date.”

Hillbilly Bob just saw Theresa Ann with another man and he even saw her give the man a kiss on his cheek.

“Too late for what?” Hillbilly Bob heard a voice behind him ask.

“I was going to ask if you would be my sweetheart,” said Hillbilly Bob nervously when he saw that it was Theresa Ann.

“Sure,” said Theresa Ann. “I would love that.”

“But who was that man I just saw you with,” asked Hillbilly Bob.

“That was just my uncle,” said Theresa Ann.

“Oh,” said Hillbilly Bob, handing the roses and chocolates to Theresa Ann.

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