What a Mess

“I want to go outside and play,” said Troll Brother. “I don’t want to stay inside for another day.”

“I’m afraid that for today, we will have to stay inside again,” said Troll Mother. “It is colder today than it was yesterday.”

“That figures,” said Troll Sister, who just happened to be eavesdropping.

“Well, it is supposed to warm up tomorrow,” said Troll Mother.

“I sure hope so,” said Troll Daddy, coming into the kitchen and grabbing his lunch pail. “It sure is cold at the factory.”

“You should wear the new sweater I knitted for you,” said Troll Mother.

“You know it would get ruined at that place,” said Troll Daddy, talking about the condition of the factory. “It is so messy there.”

“Messy, messy,” said Troll Baby from the high chair.

The Troll family laughed while saying goodbye to Troll Daddy.

“What can we do today?” asked Troll Sister.

“Let’s do crafts,” said Troll Mother. “That would be fun!”

“What kind of crafts?” asked Troll Sister.

“Let’s make some snowflakes,” said Troll Mother.

“Okay,” said Troll Brother. “What do we need?”

“We need white craft paper and scissors,” said Troll Mother.

The Troll family spent the rest of the morning making snowflakes. They were having lots of fun and were able to forget about the cold weather outside.

“I’m hungry,” came a voice at the back porch.

“Oh dear,” said Troll Mother, quickly cleaning up the mess on the table. “Troll Daddy is home early today.”

Troll Brother and Troll Sister helped clean up the mess.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Daddy. “How is a cold and hungry man supposed to eat lunch with a mess like that?”

“Oh dear,” said Troll Mother, cleaning up even faster.

“Messy, messy,” said Troll Baby.

“No, pretty, pretty,” said Troll Sister, holding up her snowflake for everyone to see.

“Pretty messy,” said Troll Baby.


Moral of this Story:

  • Crafting is a good family pastime.
  • Example: The Troll Family made snowflakes out of craft paper and it helped them forget all about the cold weather outside.
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