Runaway Easter Train

Easter Bunny was in his den getting ready to deliver the Easter gifts to all the good boys and girls all over the world. It was a really nice, warm day outside and it smelled fresh as the morning dew that covered the flowers and the grass.

“Easter Bunny!” exclaimed someone loudly at the door to his den. “Come quick!”

Easter Bunny stood at the entrance to his den and was surprised to see the Mayor of the village standing there, face pale as a ghost.

“Goodness me!” exclaimed Easter Bunny. “What is going on?”

“We have a runaway train just outside of the village,” cried the Mayor. “It is threatening to crash right into the mountains beside us.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Easter Bunny. “This is serious! Easter gifts are going to have to be put on hold just for a bit.”

Easter Bunny went down to the railway tracks with the Mayor. There were already hundreds of people there trying to get a glimpse of the runaway train.

“It looks like it is coming straight for the village and not the mountains,” said Easter Bunny after examining the tracks that the runaway train was on.

“Can you do anything about this?” asked the Mayor desperately. “I mean do you have like any kind of magical powers that you can use. If this train hits our village we are going to have a very big disaster on our hands.”

“Okay,” said Easter Bunny. “I want everyone to clear the tracks right away.”

The Mayor cleared everyone away from the tracks in no time at all. While he was doing that Easter Bunny had magically placed a huge rock right in the path of the runaway train.

“Oh thank you,” said the Mayor. “But won’t that rock hurt the people on the train.”

“Not at all,” said Easter Bunny. “That rock isn’t really a rock. It is made from a soft cushiony substance and it should just stop the train nice and gently.”

And, sure enough that is just what happened. The runaway train came to an abrupt but soft stop and not a single person was injured in what could have been the worst disaster the village had ever seen.

“You are our hero!” exclaimed the Mayor.

“Yes you are!” exclaimed the train conductor. “You saved our lives. Is there anything we can do to help repay you for what you did.”

“Just one thing,” said Easter Bunny. “Let’s get this train rolling down the tracks again so I can get the Easter gifts delivered on time.”

“Good idea,” said the Mayor.

“Absolutely,” agreed the conductor. “Hop aboard the runaway Easter train!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to find innovative ways to solve a problem.
  • Example: The Easter Bunny put a rock on the train tracks to stop the train. It wasn’t an ordinary rock though.
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